Choosing Honda Acty Brake Pads

Honda Acty is one of the best Japanese mini trucks that one can get. The vehicle has immense power and performance. Even though they were initially made for the Japanese market, they have crossed borders and are now been sold in plenty in the United States. Like any other vehicle, you need to make sure that it is in top shape. That is the only way that you will keep getting good service from it. Among the areas where maintenance is crucial is the braking system. Here you do not want to gamble on anything. Everything needs to be perfect. Among the components that must be in perfect shape is the brake pads. So, in this guide, we will go through the process of choosing Honda Acty brake pads. What does someone have to look for when buying?

Choosing Honda Acty Brake Pads

Below are some of the considerations to make when you are choosing the right Honda Acty brake pads.

Material used In Making Them

The material used in making brake pads is very important. There are 4 main types of brake pads that a vehicle can have. They can be semi-metallic, ceramic, organic or low metallic. Almost every vehicle and car model out there has a different shape of brake pad. The choice you make should be based on the previous brake pad that as fitted. This will guarantee you good performance as per the manufacturer’s rating on that particular vehicle.

There are some features that one should be looking for in a brake pad depending on their usability. Below are some.

Weather performance – A good set of brake pads should work in any weather condition, warm, hot, wet or cold.

Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT) – A good brake pad should be able to stand maximum temperatures. MOT is the maximum temperature a brake pad experienced before giving in.

Dust and debris collection – Some brake pads could easily give in to particles and dust that get in them. Having the right one will always guarantee the best at such situations.

Noise and vibration of the brake pads – Something that one should also consider is how much noise and vibration is experienced when the braking pedal is pressed down. We’ve all heard of the squeaking brakes.

These factors are very important to consider when you are choosing the right brake pads.


Brake pads isn’t something that you will be comparing multiple options based on the price. Quality always comes first and you have to make sure that whatever you are getting will be able to do its job to perfection. Otherwise, you will be risking your life. Simply because the braking system of a vehicle isn’t something that you would take chances on. Shared above are what things to look out for when choosing the right break pads.

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