Choosing Between Ceramic vs Organic Brakes for Trucks

The disc braking system has pads. These brake pads receive pressure when you press the brake pedal. Upon receiving the pressure, brake pads press against the rotors causing friction. It is the friction that will halt your truck. Ceramic and organic pads are some of the most common brake pads in the market. Most truck owners find themselves at crossroads when choosing the best brake pads during shopping. In this guide will look at these two types of brake pads to help you decide before buying any. This is the ceramic vs organic brakes.

Choosing Between Ceramic vs Organic Brakes for Trucks

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are relatively durable in comparison to their counterparts, the organic pads. Their durability is accredited to the fact that they rub less against the brake rotors when you press the pedals. When in use, they produce minimal dust and stick less on the parts of your wheel.

The ceramic brake pads are resilient to any weather. Extreme conditions such as very high or low temperatures do not affect their performance. The ceramic pads have proven reliable and affordable to middle-class truck owners.

In terms of market price, ceramic brake pads are relatively expensive compared to organic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads are stronger than organic brake pads, but semi-metallic brake pads are stronger than them.

If you only have two options, the ceramic and the organic brake pads, consider installing the ceramic pads for your truck.

Organic Brake Pads

The organic brake maker used natural materials like rubber or various organic materials to produce the organic brake pads. 

What makes organic brake pads popular is the fact that they are soft as compared to ceramic brake pads. They always give soft and quiet braking whenever you press the brake pedal.

Currently, the sky-rocketing inflation is forcing every truck owner to think of an alternative way of cutting the cost of almost all parts of their truck. Regarding market prices, organic brake pads are relatively cheaper than ceramic brake pads. They are affordable to all truck owners. 

Organic brake pads are the best for you if you only use your truck locally and do not drive long distances. Why are they preferred for short-distance drives? They wear out quickly and produce a lot of brake dust when regularly applied. 

Organic brakes heat up very fast, which can cause brake failure when driving. If your truck has organic brake pads, never over-press them, as this will make them overheat.

If you own a lightweight truck, consider installing organic brake pads, as they are suitable for small, lightweight cars. But for heavy-weight trucks, ceramic brake pads are the ideal brake pads.


The organic and ceramic brake pads are not ideal for heavy-duty trucks and high-performing cars. In such a scenario, consider installing metallic brake pads. It depends on the individual’s taste and preferences. You can as well pick any of the above options.

If your driving is more urban-based and you have more coins to spend on brake pads. Consider installing ceramic brake pads, which produce less noise and brake dust. Organic brake pads are cheaper than ceramic brake pads. They are meant to give you safer braking and safeguard your bank.

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