Buy Suzuki Mighty Boy From Japan

Are you looking for a cool and unique ride that stands out? Suzuki Mighty Boy is one such vehicle that is rare to find and was actually the only “bonnet type” pick up vehicle that was sold in the kei class. The fact that these vehicles were only produced for a span of 5 years between 1983 and 1988, makes them rare and a classic worth having. The car enjoyed a good attention and was marketed across Japan and Australia. It also boasts a very unique but cool design which is between a saloon and a pick up.

Are you ready to get your hands on this classic car? Before we let you know how to import or buy Suzuki Mighty Boy from Japan, below are some of the things that you should know about the vehicle;

Is Suzuki Might Boy A Good Investment?

Perhaps something that most of us always contemplate before buying a vehicle is whether the vehicle will pay off. It is something that all of us need o be ay of since there are many vehicles that don’t live up to its value. And here is an in depth overview of the Suzuki Mighty Boy and whether it is a vehicle that you’d want to get for yourself.

Performance and Reliability

Who wants to buy an old gondola car that struggles to scale up steep lanes and crazily spits smoke? Nobody of course and that is a nightmare none of us wants to ever dream of. Although Suzuki Might Boy used to rule the roads of Japan more than 2 decades, it turns out that it is not only a rare vehicle that has become a classic but also one that has got many naysayers amazed by its superior performance.

The vehicle is designed to be hardy and to work under tough conditions. Most of the vehicles being made today won’t even come close to the design of this vehicle.


It is a two-seater vehicle and before you jump in to conclude on that, you’ll love the fact that it has a small flat-bed which is around 600 mm in length. This makes the mighty boy a convenient vehicle enough to be compared with many pickup trucks. It handles mini tasks such as carrying small to medium sized cargo petty well.

So, if you are someone who loves to drive a unique vehicle and have some things to carry, this is a vehicles that you should consider going for.


If you like to save and get a vehicle that is fairly priced in today’s market, you’ll have to toil a lot. The cost of acquiring and maintaining a vehicle which guzzles gallons of fuel in a short distance is what most of us have had to face. Being a highly efficient and fuel economical vehicle, the mighty boy is one of those vehicles that can take you many miles and still amaze you with the amount of fuel consumed.

The Suzuki Mighty Boy can already be classified as a vintage car and they are rare to find. Their prices have however not spiked and you can still get one at a good price. This gives vintage car seekers a chance to grab one at a dirty cheap price tag.


Low Maintenance Cost

Something else that a Subaru Mighty Boy owner would enjoy is how easy and cheap it is to maintain this vehicle. Having being manufactured by one of the big automakers in the industry, you will love every bit of this vehicle. Making the basic fixes is also something that you can easily get along with and doesn’t have any complications.

The car’s spare parts also fit well with many common Suzuki models making it easy to get mechanical issues fixed.

Importing Suzuki Mighty Boy From Substar

Have you made the decision to join the few owners that enjoy driving the Mighty Boy? If so, Substar is here to help you with that. We have been in the automobile business for many years and exported countless vehicles to our valued customer across the globe.

Customer satisfaction is our slogan and we will stop at nothing to see that we deliver the best for our customers. We thoroughly inspect all the vehicles that we list to ensure that it meets the required standards and is mechanically fit so that our customers don’t have to go through hard time with a faulty vehicle.

You can also opt to use an import broker who can also handle the customs fin your country and all you will have to do is to collect you vehicle as agree with the broker. This is actually the best option for people who either don’t have enough time or have little experience with shipping and how customs works.

With Japanese government imposing higher taxes on older Japanese vehicles, it has forced its owners to part with classic vehicles such as the Suzuki Mighty Boy. It could also mean a great opportunity for someone who loves to keep some old retro vehicles from a different country. So, are you in and want this vehicle? Get in touch with us and we will help you out.

Final Word:

The Suzuki Might Boy is a 550cc vehicle that has its chassis transversely mounted and powered by a 4 or 5 speed manual transmission. Although there are only older models of this vehicle, that fact has made them to be treasured and loved so much. Its performance is also impressive and it is a vehicle that every fan lover would dream of in a mini car.

Take some time to go through our listings page and see a couple of Suzuki Mighty Boy cars that you can get for yourself.

We will help you import the vehicle and ensure that it lands at the destination port without letting you go through many hassles. Get in touch today and we will give you more details on the vehicle that you need on a particular vehicle. We can also help you get a vehicle through the auctions if you are interested.

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