Businesses can benefit from Kei vehicles – Here’s how

Businesses can benefit from Kei Vehicles by incorporating them into daily functions. As businesses are driven toward finding measures which increase capital while decreasing spending, the Kei is an excellent choice. While there are several reasons a business may wish to use a Kei truck. Here are a few of the top ways a business can benefit from Kei vehicles.

A low-cost fleet

Vehicle price points continue to rise. Currently, the average cost of a full-sized truck is around $33K. This is the cost of a basic, no packages or upgrades added, truck. The benefit from Kei vehicles on the price point is substantial. On average, a Kei truck costs around $5K for a basic truck. That is the cost of 6 full-sized trucks! Because of the reduced cost, a business can quickly build a fleet of vehicles at a fraction of the normal cost.

Businesses can benefit from Kei vehicles like this delivery truck.
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Use a Kei vehicle for delivery services

The world has become more and more secluded because of the pandemic. More businesses must turn to delivery services if they wish to stay open. Services such as DoorDash have shown that consumers are seeking goods and services which can be delivered right to the doorstep. Going alongside the fleet is the ability to use the vehicles to efficiently provide delivery services.

The fuel economy of the cars, vans and trucks is one of the primary ways you can benefit from Kei vehicles. Kei trucks such as the Honda Acty can cover 50 mpg. Compared to some of the full-sized vehicles on the market which get 24 mpg, this is a tremendous benefit. Theoretically, a Kei can deliver twice as much goods. More goods delivered means more profit for the business.

Delivery usage for a Kei vehicle

While there are innumerable ways in which you can use a Kei truck, car, or van, there are some which favor better than others. Some ways in which you can really benefit from Kei vehicles in delivery include:

  1. Food to door
  2. Packages and mail
  3. Materials to construction site
  4. Hay to livestock

Keep in mind that larger packages can be delivered without the same restrictions that a standard size truck encounter. Most Kei vehicles have fold-downside panels on the bed of the truck. Larger packages can be loaded and unloaded from any angle. As the bed of the truck is lower than full-sized competitors’ vehicles, loading and unloading is easier.

Use a Kei Vehicle for Security

Golf carts have been used as a security vehicle in many industry parks. The problem which has arose from this is that they are both conspicuous and are very low speed. Perpetrators can easily identify who is watching them and flee, as the golf cart cannot possibly keep up with the average vehicle. A business can use a Kei vehicle for security. The vehicles look just like any other car, truck, or van, just smaller. Patrolling tight spaces is easy as the vehicles have a sharp turn radius. If used in a parking deck, the incline of the ramps does not slow the vehicle down as most Keis can handle slopes up to 20ᵒ. And as the average Kei has similar mph as that of a standard size vehicle, you can easily follow, and record tag numbers as needed.

Kei Vehicles for construction

Apart from business use after the business has been erected, is the use of the Kei during the construction of the building. Depending on the type of model that you choose and the features, it is quite possible to have a diversity of services offered by the Kei truck. For example, you could have a Kei truck equipped with a scissor lift. That truck can haul materials to workers where a full-sized truck cannot go because of other site conditions. When arriving at the location, the scissor lift can hoist the goods to the level of the scaffolding, where workers can easily unload what is needed.

Another option is the dump truck bed. The best benefit for Kei vehicles with dump truck beds is for sites requiring minimal construction. They are not intended for major construction sites.

Agricultural use of a Kei vehicle

You may find that the best use of your Kei is for farming and agricultural purposes. Many states offer street legalization for Kei vehicles which can prove that they are for such. Agricultural purposes include farming, mixed farming, produce, crop fields, as well as any job associated with those fields. This may include transportation of workers to the job site, hauling hay for cattle, and transportation of fruits and vegetables to the local farmer’s market.

Using a Kei vehicle in the fields is beneficial because there is less risk of damage. The lighter weight and narrower body allow the user to avoid trampling or side swiping crops such as cotton, corn, or fruit trees. If the vehicle must navigate in muddy conditions, there is less potential that the vehicle will become logged in the muck. Even if it gets stuck, the lightweight makes it easy to pull out, minimizing the risk of damaging fields.

As the laws pertaining to on-road usage differ from state to state, it is highly recommended that you check with your local and state transportation services.

Other Kei vehicle uses for businesses

Other usage of the Kei vehicle for business include tourism, chauffeuring, catering services, laundry pickup and delivery, and more. Any business can benefit from the use of a Kei. As the vehicles are a low cost, highly efficient, and able to navigate even the smallest of spaces, what is not to like.

Please note that importation of Kei Vehicles to the United States is regulated. Vehicles, which are over 25 years of age fair better in the process than some of the newer models. That being stated, newer models can be imported if the use of the vehicle is clearly stated. Ensure that you know your state’s standards for importing a Kei prior to importation.