Brake Drum Replacement in Mini Trucks

Many mini trucks have the drum brake fitted on the rear wheel. The brake drums have a cylinder to push the brake shoe against the walls of the drum. This action stops the wheel because the drum is connected to the axle and rotates while the wheel is rotating. The working principle between the drum and the disc brake differs slightly as both serve the purpose of stopping your mini truck. The continuous action in the drum braking system exposes it to friction which wears it out with time. When the brake drum starts to wear out, the driver will feel some symptoms, especially when applying brakes. Let us look at when to do brake drum replacement.

Weird Feeling on the Brake Pedals

Brakes in good condition will stop the vehicle immediately when you step on the brake pedals. When the drum brake starts to malfunction, you will feel your brake pedals are not functioning normally the way they used to before. You feel vibrations, soft brake pedals, and pulsating whenever you step on the brake pedals. When trying to apply breaks, such weird feelings signal that the drum barking system is wearing out and needs a replacement.

Difficulty in Stopping

Most mini trucks have disc brakes in front and drum brakes on rear axles; when both are faulty, you will experience difficulty in braking. When the drums or brake shoes start to wear out, you will experience difficulty in stopping your mini truck whenever you step on the brake pedal. Mostly you will apply breaks, and your mini truck might take time to break instantly. 

Loud Sharp Noise

A braking system in good condition will never produce any sound when the driver steps on the brake pedals. When the brakes start to wear, they produce loud noise because the drum will not be able to absorb the heat produced during braking. The build-up of the heat further stresses the brakes, making the noise louder as the shoes and the drums connect.

The Hand Breaks becomes loose

The parking brake in mini trucks is at the back wheel. The parking brake depends on the drum brakes for it to function effectively. Worn-out drums will not have the power necessary to keep the mini truck in place. When the drums are worn out, you will note that your mini truck slips a few inches after applying the parking brakes. The slipping might also happen due to loose brake cables and worn-out brake shoes. 


The brake drum is a critical component of the mini truck braking system which should operate properly. If you feel the above signs when braking, there is a high probability that either a part or the entire brake drum might be faulty. You need to do a brake drum replacement. You will need to replace the whole system or the worn-out part to solve this. Repairing the brake drum is not hard if you have the necessary tools and practice caution. It is advisable to replace brake drums under the guidance of your mechanic.

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