Boosting Mini Truck Gas Efficiency

Mini trucks have small engine capacity making them fuel-efficient. However, the consumption rates of Kei trucks differ depending on driving habits, how often it is serviced, and their age. You can improve the gas efficiency of your mini truck by practicing simple tricks that apply to both old and new mini trucks. You can apply these tricks to other vehicles you own. This article will give tips on boosting mini truck gas efficiency.

Boosting Mini Truck Gas Efficiency

Reduce Speeding

The worst enemy to fuel economy in any motor vehicle is speed. When you speed up, you increase fuel supply to the combustion chamber, which will be burning down to produce more energy to propel your mini truck at the desired speed. When you drive at 10 mph more than your average driving speed, you will use 27% more gas.

Reduce Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is a driving style that puts the lives of other road users in danger. It is accompanied by regular braking and accelerating. When you regularly brake and carelessly accelerate, you will increase the rate at which your mini trucks consume gas.

Avoid Idling Your Mini Truck

Leaving your mini truck idle for a very long time has dire consequences on fuel consumption. The more the engine runs without doing something worthwhile, the more fuel burns. Switching off your engine whenever your mini truck is not in motion is advisable. Besides increasing gas consumption, leaving the engine idle will expose it to premature wear out and discharge harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Ensure Your Tires are Inflated before Driving

When the tires are not well inflated, they fail to function efficiently, forcing the engine to produce more power to compensate. More power production requires more gas to be burnt.

Find Alternative Routes

In case you use your mini truck to make deliveries, the best way to save your gas is to know various routes and how long they are. Choose a shorter route that will save you time and gas if you are to make a delivery and are in a dilemma in choosing between an offroad and an on-road route. Choose an on-road route because it will not overstrain your engine.

Do Not Overload Your Mini Truck

A secret to minimizing the gas consumption for your mini truck is to avoid overloading it. When it is loaded, the engine will burn more gas to produce energy for hauling its heavy load. Overloading the Kei truck can also destroy the shock absorbers with time or cause some issues like tipping over of the vehicle.

Maintain Regular Servicing

If you fail to service your mini truck at the required mileage, the engine will start consuming more gas and producing less power. If you maintain regular service, your engine will consume less gas and produce more power. Servicing at the right time also gives the engine a long lifespan.


The simple things you do while handling your mini truck will determine how they consume gas. Being a disciplined driver is the best ingredient to the gas economy.

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