Best use of a Kei truck in Georgia

There are many ways in which you can use a Kei Truck in Georgia legally. Georgia law states that you can drive the Kei truck on the road if you can prove that the truck is being used for agricultural purposes. Knowing various agricultural uses for the Kei truck is therefore necessary to ensure legality. There are three key areas in which you can focus your attention these are mixed farming, cotton/peanuts, and fruit and vegetables.

Mixed farming supplies and produce

Georgia is an agricultural state. From Peanuts to the Georgia peaches, the state has become well known for the crops they produce. Mixed farming is the growing of food, feed crops, and livestock on the same farm. This is common for the state of Georgia. If you have a mixed crop, then you can use a Kei truck legally.

One use for the truck on a mixed farm is to haul feed to pasture. Toting feed across multiple acres is inconceivable for many farms without a truck. Purchasing a full-sized truck costs thousands of dollars. You can purchase a Kei truck for a fraction of the cost. When compared to the full size, the loading capacity is similar. Whether you use the truck to haul feed, fencing material, harvested produce, or seed, the Kei truck can handle the load.

Mixed Farming, Livestock

Short-range transport can be completed using a Kei truck. The truck can be customized to accommodate small livestock with ease. It should not be used for larger animals, as this could cause you to have an uneven load which could affect the balance of the bed. However, chickens and goats would do well in the bed of a Kei truck. Ensure that you meet local and state laws for transporting if you plan to use the truck on Georgia’s roads.

When customizing your Kei for livestock, it is strongly recommended that you weld the fold-down sides of the bed. Livestock are apt to bump and kick against the sides of the bed. The last thing that you want is to have the sides fall down and the cage become dislodged.

Kei truck in Georgia showing how you can use the truck for livestock.


Cotton and Peanuts remain Georgia’s top produce. You can easily use the Kei truck to transport harvested bushels. Because of the small size, the Kei vehicle can get between the rows to make harvesting easier. Steep inclines are not an issue for the trucks as most can handle up to a 20ᵒ incline. Worried about the Georgia clay? Getting stuck happens. Yet, with a Kei truck, you do not have the same weight as a full-sized vehicle and so getting out of the mud is easier.

As cotton bushes and peanuts tend to grow in tighter clusters than other crops, having a full-sized vehicle can become problematic. With the larger vehicle scratches, dings, and other damage may occur. And while there is no guarantee that the Kei truck will go without such, the risk is far less. Alongside the considerations for the truck are the cotton and peanut crops. In many instances, larger vehicles pose a huge threat for cotton and peanuts. This is a navigational issue. Plants are far more likely to be crushed or damaged by a large truck trying to navigate the field than a smaller and lighter Kei truck.

Fruits and Vegetables

Harvesting fruits and vegetables require that you have an abundant flat space in which to put the crates or barrels. As the bed of a Kei truck is lower than that of a full-size truck, there is less loading strain upon workers, making for a more productive day. They also equipped many of the Kei trucks with fold-down sides, giving access to the full bed and eliminating the need to line up to load the produce.

While loading produce and hauling is the primary function of the Kei Truck, being able to get the product on the roads and highways is critical if you wish to sell your produce. As a large stack of fruits and vegetables is obviously agricultural, you should not have any issues in going to a farmer’s market. Just be sure to register your truck for agricultural use when purchasing your tag and registration.

Use a Kei Truck in Georgia

You do not have to have a farm in order to use a Kei truck in Georgia. For example, if you have a restaurant and want to have the freshest of ingredients, you could register your truck as agricultural and only use the truck to visit the local farmer’s market or surrounding farms to purchase your product. So long as the truck is used primarily for agriculture, you can use it on the roads of Georgia. Another example would be those who harvest hay. While you may not have any livestock or produce on the land, your property can be considered a feed crop and you can register the vehicle as agricultural.

When registering for on-road use, you may need to update the vehicle with the proper seat belts, lighting, and other standard vehicle equipment. Most Kei vehicles come equipped with such. However, older models may require you to customize the vehicle to meet local and state regulations.

Showing an agricultural field of Georgia.

The best use of a Kei Truck in Georgia

You can only legally use a Kei truck in Georgia for agricultural purposes. However, if you have private property and want to own a Kei truck, you can do so legally. Because of its small size, you can also transport trucks to use on jobs, such as construction. There are various uses and types of Kei trucks available.

To find out more about the use of a Kei truck in Georgia. If you wish to register your Kei vehicle in the state of Georgia, contact your local tag and registration office. Importing of a Kei has regulations within the state of Georgia and so you are encouraged to research all the laws, regulations, and import/export guidelines before you purchase your vehicle.