Basics of Changing Windshield Wipers For Trucks

Trucks perform better on both off-road and highways. When driving on a dusty surface or during the rainy season, the windshield traps water droplets and debris that interfere with your vision. The windshield wipers eliminate dust particles, water droplets, and other debris that may hinder the driver’s visibility.

Windshield wipers usually wear out as they perform their functions. When worn out, it will not wipe clearly. Therefore, changing the windshield wipers after 1 year is essential for consistent performance. You will be able to understand some of the basics of changing windshield wipers after reading this guide. 

Truck Windshield Wiper Problems

Windshield wipers perform simple functions with basic components but can give you a headache when faulty. Here are the fundamental windshield wiper problems you should be aware of.

  1. Streaking makes the windshield wiper smear water rather than wiping it.
  2. Noisy results from the rubber blade dragging against the windshield.
  3. The blade might sometimes jump across the chunks on the windshield without wiping them.
  4. A particular part of the blade may be properly functioning. Sometimes the bottom blade may be functional while the top blade does not wipe this is splitting.

What You Need to Change Windshield Wipers

Changing windshield wipers takes roughly 30 minutes, and it does not need any specialized skill. The procedure can sometimes be dangerous and messy. Before starting, wear safety glasses and mechanic gloves. Get a flathead screwdriver and a set of new windshield wipers. 

You will need a spacious and flat workspace like street parking, garage floor, and driveway. When performing this procedure on the street, ensure you are not committing any traffic offense. Your tools should be well organized and easily reachable to save time. 

Changing Windshield Wipers

After having all the necessary tools and the right windshield wiper for your truck, perform the below procedure to change the windshield wipers for your truck.

  1. Locate the center blade of your windshield and let it be perpendicular to the truck in an up position. 
  2. After letting them stand perpendicularly to your truck, you can unclip and unhook them to remove the wiper blades. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany. 
  3. Check around the new blade. If you spot any protective material, consider removing it.
  4. If necessary, disconnect or attach a different adapter. This varies depending on the blade which you have bought. 
  5. You can now install the new blade. When doing this, stop as soon as you hear a clicking sound or as per the manufacturer’s instruction on the new wiper blades.
  6. Reinstate the wipers onto the windshield and get into your cabin to test if the new wipers are effective by spraying some water on the windshield and letting the new blades wipe it. 


The windshield wiper has simple basic components that do not require any special skills, but when faulty, you will have the worst driving experience in any adverse weather. Before completely wearing out, you will notice some signs. Never ignore them, and consider replacing the windshield wiper blades for your truck as soon as possible. 

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