Adding Air Conditioning to Old Mini Truck

Vehicles getting old is inevitable to mini trucks and human beings as well. Many basic parts will stop functioning normally when your mini truck starts getting old. For example, the engine might fail to perform as it used to, and the AC might fail. Sometimes, you might buy a mini truck without an AC system; this is the greatest mistake. AC comes in handy during summer. Driving in hot weather is cumbersome and disguises, especially when your AC is dead, or your car has no AC. If your AC is dead or your cars do not have it, don’t worry because there are many aftermarket AC kits you can purchase and install in your mini truck. The advantage of aftermarket AC kits is that they are easily available from authorized dealers, affordable, and you will get a warranty certificate. 

You can get an aftermarket AC kit from authorized dealers or other vendors. But doing this has advantages and disadvantages. It is better to buy and install this kit from an authorized dealer because you need not worry about the quality. If you buy and install it from other vendors, you are likely to spend more because they have no price control, and you might fall into the trap of counterfeit AC kits. 

Adding Air Conditioning to Old Mini Truck

Always be cautious not to buy substandard, used or refurbished AC kits. When buying the kit, ensure its components are new and sealed by the manufacturer. This guide has listed some of the things to keep in mind when you are adding air conditioning to old mini truck vehicles.


The air-conditioning system has several pipes which are held by jubilee clips. Pipes are made of materials like metal and rubber. The pipes play the role of moving the hot and cold liquid throughout the entire air-conditioning system. 


Evaporators resemble radiators, but they are smaller and thicker. Evaporators are located deep below the instrumental panel. At the evaporator, the liquid refrigerant turns into a gas blown by a fan into your mini truck.


Also known as the receiver, it resembles a metal can but has an inlet and outlet. The inlet lets the liquid refrigerant into the dryers. Here any moisture in the refrigerant is removed. 

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve monitors the temperature, so the exact quantity of refrigerant gets inside the evaporator. The role played by the expansion valve makes it be located next to the evaporator.


The compressor is connected to a crankshaft pulley with a belt. It is this pulley which supplies it with the power from the engine. It is here where the refrigerant gas is converted to liquid.


They resemble radiators, but they are thin and small. They are located behind the radiator and are made of aluminum. Their location enables them to receive maximum air as the air conditioning system operates.


You can fit an AC kit for your mini truck, but before doing this, it is vital to understand the various basic components of the AC kit. Knowledge of AC components comes in handy when purchasing the entire kit.

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