5 Problems Faced when Importing Second Hand Japanese Vehicles

Most of us love using second hand vehicles, mostly sourced from Japan. And there are countless number of reasons why one would ant that. There are also many types of vehicles that one can get from Japan. From mini trucks to pick up trucks and saloons, you can have it all. In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the things that one needs to be cautious about when they are importing a Japanese vehicle to their own country or state. This will help make it easy and smooth while avoiding paying too much and taking too long to have it brought in.

Before delving onto the the problems and things that one needs to watch out for, here are some of the reasons that one would really want to get a second hand Japanese vehicle.

Why Import Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

There are many reasons why people love Japanese vehicles, and not from anywhere else. Among some of those reasons includes the perfect engineering that these vehicles have. Japanese automakers are among the best in the world, and that has made them the best manufacturing in terms of volume. Besides the affordability that it comes with, these vehicles


The other reason that the Japanese second hand vehicles are highly coveted is because they are cheap to own and demand less in terms of maintenance. Who wouldn’t want to spend less and get a vehicle that is cheap to maintain? As compared to other types of vehicles on the same class, such as pick up trucks, the Japanese vehicles have stood the test of time and will deliver beyond user’s expectations. In simple terms, you will get good value for the money by choosing to invest in a Japanese second hand vehicle.

Challenges When Importing From Japan

Now that we have looked at the things to expect when importing a second hand vehicle from Japan, here are things to keep in mind to ensure that the whole process is smooth and gets you good value for the money spent. Here are the challenges and things to look out for;

Poor Negotiation

did you know that you can negotiate for a vehicle the same way that you would normally? If you didn’t know, then you should by now. when it comes to buying anything second hand or used, the cost isn’t fixed and the sellers are always open to negotiation and further lower the price tag. That said, you can get your second hand Japanese vehicle for a good price that you can be satisfied with.

So why would you want to pay a hefty price when you can get it for lower? It doesn’t change the quality of your ride or its performance and you will get to save tons of cash on your end. One of the good things with today’s technology is that you can also make negotiations online, thanks to the emails and chat scripts that has made this a possibility. One can use softwares like Skype which can also allow exchange of videos and images which is helpful in understanding how the vehicle looks. You can get started right away by checking some of the dump bed mini trucks and other mini trucks in our listing page, and get in touch with us with the chat system.

Not Budgeting In Advance

Finance is usually a big issue for many people out there and it is an area where one must be cautious to avoid losing their hard earned money. The next most important thing that you would want to ensure is spot on is the budgeting of the vehicle. You shouldn’t just spend money without making a good financial plan. Many people end up spending much simply because they had not allocated a budget to get the vehicle. One of the perks is that there are lots of these second hand vehicles to choose from and it is easy to find one that is within your budget as long as you have a realistic one. You should maintain a certain budget range and avoid being tempted to go for something on a higher price level. This is something that happens to many people and they find themselves overspending.

Another crucial thing that you need to consider to save on your imports is to think about the Japanese used car auctions. They are a favorite to many people who love to save and get vehicles at a lower price. Here at Substar Inc, we can help you get the perfect vehicle that you wish fro through auctions. Just get in touch with us and we will help out. Having said that, you should be cautious about how you make your budgeting if you want to get good results from your investment.

Choosing The Wrong Broker Or importer

Working with the wrong seller or agent is the same as being scammed. This is because you will lose money either way. For most of the people who have little experience with importing a vehicle from another country, it could be a tedious process and it is usually advisable to find a local broker in your country to help you with the process. While this is an ideal option, it could turn out to be a nightmare in some cases. Some brokers do not have what it takes to deliver quality customer support and your vehicle could end up talking way longer than expected. This could end up also attracting crazy fees and charges.

Similarly the broker that you opt to use and have your vehicle delivered should have a good track record to ensure hat you are not hooked up to some online scammers. Opting to go with one that has been in the industry long enough will ensure that you are in safe hands and have less chances of being conned. Anyone who is serious about getting your vehicle delivered to you safely and without big hassles, then the best way to do this is to find a broker that is trustworthy and has a good reputation. It is upon you to do your due diligence to find the right one to work with.

Quality Of After-Service

After service is very important, yet it is one of the most ignored parts of acquiring a vehicle. This is because it isn’t uncommon to come across a vehicle that is faulty and having something like a warranty will always help to save on lost investment.  Sometimes people get the wrong vehicles because they either did not make good inquiries or as a mistake from the seller. As such, after-service is very crucial to ensure that your shipping from the exporter’s end is taken care of well as well as safeguarding the purchase as an investment. This has a significant effect in ensuring that your mini truck reaches your country’s port safely and on time. To get a good Japanese exporter, there is no shortcut to that. You need to do your research, know if the company actually exists and know a few things about them. This will guarantee you that you are entering into a real deal. To illustrate this, you can check out our company profile, search us and see the details that come up against us. with our long industry experience, you can count on us to deliver and get you the best vehicle for the money.

Compliance Of the Vehicle


Different countries and states have their own road and transport laws, which sometimes can restrict the use of some vehicles, especially those that are second hand. To ensure that you get the best experience, you should first confirm with the authorities to determine whether the vehicle you intend to import is compliant and acceptable to the laws and regulations in your country or state. Most beginners who have never imported a vehicle often find themselves in a mess by not checking out whether the vehicle they are getting complies with the state an country transport laws, and that can lead to a problem like losing the vehicle or having to return it back to the seller. This can be costly and frustrating considering that you will end up taking care of the shipping costs of having it returned. And there is also no guarantee that the seller will accept the vehicle back. As such, it is very important to ensure that the vehicle you get meets all the compliance laws and is street legal in your state or country.

Final Verdict

Importing a vehicle from another country can sometimes be a headache. But with a good approach, you will find it easy and seamless to import and have your vehicle delivered. Most beginners feel that it is hard to do, but with the right agents and guide, you will love it. Hopefully, this guide has been great in helping you to know what to expect next time you decide to import a second hand vehicle from Japan.

Having been in the industry and selling tons of vehicles over the years, we are certain that you will love the experience of importing second hand Japanese car from us. We have lots of vehicles ranging from Japanese mini trucks, minivans and any other second hand Japanese vehicles. We will help you understand the kind of vehicle you are getting as well as in having it shipped smoothly to whichever country that you are in. We have helped thousands of customers from the US, New Zealand, Canada, England and many other countries to find the right vehicles that they have always wanted. Simply put, we make importing of Japanese second hand vehicles a breeze.

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