Choosing Between 4 WD Japanese Mini Truck And A 2WD Mini Truck

If you’ve been eyeing mini trucks or just any other vehicle for a while, then you must have come to a crossroads at some point and asked yourself whether you should go with a 4 Wheel drive vehicle or a 2 Wheel drive one. Mini trucks have become the rage these days and with the industry going crazy with vehicles pricing as well as fuel, you need a vehicle that comes cheap and one that also demands less maintenance. Japanese car makers have always been ahead in providing affordable mini trucks yet high performing. One can easily get themselves good high performance mini trucks such as the Suzuki Carry or the Daihatsu Hijet which are among the best-selling ones in the market.

If you have been coming across the terms 4X4, 4WD, AWD and 2WD, then this article is for you. It is meant to help you understand what they are all about and if you are looking for a Japanese mini truck, you can easily decide on which one to go with.

What Is a 4WD Vehicle?

4WD is a vehicle drivetrain that is used to transmit power to all the 4 wheels of a vehicle so that they start running all together through both axles. While often confused with All-Wheel drive (AWD), the 4 wheel drive (4WD) is different although they function similarly. To differentiate them, 4 Wheel drive are disengaged and engaged when its need arises. This is usually done with the use of an automated switch that changes the vehicle from a 2WD to the 4WD. On the other edge, an AWD (All-wheel drive) vehicle is always on and doesn’t need one to switch anything.

Engaging all wheels when driving increases grip and traction, therefore making the vehicle more persistent when the road is either impassable or in a bad state. The 4WD functionality is the ideal way to get through this and simply put, it gets the job done. If you therefore live in a snowy area where snow is a common thing or perhaps you live in an area that experiences heavy rains causing the roads to swell or get muddy, a 4X4 mini truck is ideal for you.

What about 4 WD Hi and 4WD low? If you have been inside a Japanese mini truck or just any other 4 wheel drive vehicle, then you might have noticed something such as 4WD Hi and another 4WD low. These two differ in that 4WD Hi is meant to add substantial grip and traction for roads that are fairly easy to moderate. 4WD low on the other side is for ultimate grip when you are in a situation where the road is in technical conditions. Usually running the vehicle on 4WD low tends to be slower than when in 4WD Hi but it offers better grip.

When Are 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles Ideal?

4 wheel drive vehicles are designed from high performance regardless of the condition of the roads or the load been hauled. It is therefore a crucial functionality that will come in handy when you are carrying a lot of goods under such roads.

It is also important to keep in mind that since these vehicles are meant for high performance, the 4X4 functionality could demand the use of more fuel as compared to low performance vehicles such as family cars. It is thus important to keep in mind the cost factor and only use it when budget makes sense.

What Is A 2WD Vehicle?

Two wheel drive vehicles are those that are powered by only one axle where only two wheels run the vehicle. 2 Wheel drive doesn’t however mean that the vehicle cannot move through snowy or all-weather roads. 4 Wheel drive have added advantages but with a few tweaks such as using high traction tires and modern traction systems, a 2 WD vehicle can perform amazingly.

When it comes to the active axle, the 2 WD can either be the front wheel or the rear axle, although there isn’t much difference. In fact, many drivers might not easily fell the difference between any of the two.

If you live in an area with mild climate that doesn’t experience a lot of snow, heavy rains and not in a remote area with off-roads, then a 2 wheel-drive vehicle is ideal.

When To Get A 2WD Mini Truck

You should go for a mini truck if you are on a low budget, but also when you can withstand the condition of the roads that you will be using the mini truck on. If you will be using your mini truck to carry some chicken feeds from the nearby town which doesn’t get you into an off-road situation, then you will be good with a 2WD mini truck.

Since carrying heavier vehicle also demands grip and traction, you should consider using a 2WD when you are going to be carrying and hauling light loads. This will ensure that you have the best performance from your vehicle.

Final Word:

For decades, the debate of choosing between 4WD vehicles and their 2WD counterparts has been on and on. From the guide above, the 4WD which always come with a higher price tag than the 2WD is an ideal vehicle if you are going to be handling heavy duties under some bad roads that are hard to maneuver and get along with on normal vehicles. Some of the best Japanese mini trucks that you should consider for this include the Suzuki Carry mini truck, Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi minicab mini truck and the Subaru Sambar.

Check out our inventory listing page to get the best Japanese mini truck for your needs. You will find both 4X4 mini trucks as well as 2WD in the listing. Get in touch with us for more details and information on a mini truck that you are interested on. Japanese car auctions are also a good place to find affordable mini trucks which are in good condition and we can help with that. We also do the hard work of shipping to your preferred port.

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