What You Need To Know About 4×4 Honda Acty Mini Truck

Are you thinking of getting yourself a 4X4 Honda Acty Mini Truck? The Honda Acty has been among the best kei trucks that you can find today. They are loved for their high performance and reliability, not to mention its affordability. It is a vehicle that has been received well by many users across the globe and still there are many people acquiring them every day. If you have had trouble moving some goods from one place to the other, especially in off-roads, then you need something that is able to withstand all weather roads and at the same time get you through without many hassles. A 4X4 Honda Acty could be the ultimate vehicle that you have been looking for.

Below is a description of the 4X4 Honda Acty mini truck and everything else that you need to get the best out of this kei mini truck.

What Is So Good With The 4×4 Honda Acty Mini Truck

Fuel Efficient

We all love cars that don’t demand much when it comes to fuel. Kei mini trucks including the Honda Acty are praised across the world for their fuel efficiency and how they are able to run on less fuel to cover long distances. With the capabilities of covering 50 mpg, it clearly is fuel efficient and more economical.

Low Maintenance cost

Nobody loves to drive a vehicle that yells mechanic every time. It ends up becoming costly and non-reliable to operate such a vehicle. Luckily the Honda Acty and the Kei mini truck family have a good reputation for being low maintenance.

High Performance

Besides being reliable and easy to operate, you are guaranteed to love how this vehicle runs and the kind of work that it will do. With a 660cc drivetrain and ability to haul almost anything up to 1300lbs without any issues even under bad roads, this vehicle is a beast worth loving.


With a wide variety of mini trucks to choose from when you decide to go with the import option, you will come across dozens with varied price tags giving you a chance to get one that is within your set budget.

Should you want to even get more, then you can consider going for the auction option. Japan has one of the largest global car auctions where over 20,000 vehicles are auctioned out every single day. When you have the right company to get you the best deals, it could be super affordable on your end.


If you love the environment and are in support for a greener future, then Honda Acty should be your best pal. With the strict Japanese environmental control regulations on carmakers, Honda has been in the forefront to ensure their vehicles are within the required low emission standards. And you can drive it anywhere across the globe without any environmental standards breach.

How To Take Care Of Your 4×4 Honda Acty Mini Truck

Like any other vehicle, you need to show love to your Honda Acty mini truck and give it the necessary maintenance to make it serve you for long. Here is how you can make your Honda Acty mini truck dependable and usable;

Regular Oil change – Your vehicle uses oil to lubricate the various moving parts helping with friction. But as time, the efficiency of the oil starts decreasing, therefore, needs it to be changed.  At the same time, it is also advisable to change the oil filter to ensure increased efficiency.

Tire Repair and Changes – Don’t wait until your tires are all smooth and grip-less. For you to get the best out of your vehicle especially if you are working on an all-weather road where it sometimes gets muddy, your tires have to get that grip. You might not get the full functionality of the 4 wheel drive if your tires aren’t providing the sufficient grip.

Body Repair – with time, the vehicle’s body starts to wear out and sometimes there are some issues which can be easily fixed and could help prevent the body worsening.

Wiring System – Something else that most of us forget is the wiring system of the vehicle. You should make sure that your vehicle’s lighting system and everything else that has to do with wiring is spot on. You don’t want to find yourself in issues where you are struggling to see the road at night while stuck in the mud.

Painting Job – The other thing you don’t want to be seen on is a rusty mini truck that is aging. Apart from giving you vehicle the appealing look, it also helps preserve the body from wear and tear. Painting job should also be done as a requirement since there are states that require such things to be observed in roadworthy vehicles.

General Service and Tune up- Finally, apart from the above basic maintenance, you need to visit a mechanic once in some time, even if the vehicle doesn’t have any issues. Fine tuning some vehicle parts and functionality is something that has been proven to be efficient and makes it even less prone to damages.

The Final Word:

The Honda Acty Mini Truck is one of the vehicles that have been proven to be very efficient and reliable in carrying various loads. The vehicle can come in different styles, each designed to meet different needs of the user. The mini truck can come in form of a lift bed mini truck, scissor lift mini truck, flat bed and can also be customized to your needs.

If you would like to get yourself a Honda Acty mini truck, then please take your time to go through our listings page where you will also see other kei mini trucks that you can consider. Some of the other mini trucks that you will come across includes Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Cary and Mazda Scrum.

Feel free to get in touch with us concerning any vehicle that you would like to import from Japan. We have been helping thousands of clients over the years and we are certain that you will also love or service.

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