How Japanese Mini Trucks Are Better Than Pick Up Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have been around for a long time. The mini trucks have stood the test of time and have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable in many instances. They are made in Japan by some of the leading automakers such as Honda, Subaru, Daihatsu and Suzuki. This better defines the quality that the users are getting. Despite being small and lightweight, they have been compared to the standard pick up trucks in terms of efficiency and performance. In this guide, we will look at instances where the Japanese mini trucks are better than pick up trucks.

How Japanese Mini Trucks Are Better Than Pick Up Trucks

As aforementioned, the Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time. And have even been compared to the larger and widely known pick up trucks. As much as the kei trucks are much smaller and with a smaller engine capacity, the skillsmanship and top Japanese engineering has seen them come out as very capable vehicles. Below are some instances where the mini trucks are better than pick up trucks.


The price tag on vehicles keep rising by the day, and this is something that has made many people start focusing on getting better alternatives. As compared to the pick up trucks, the kei trucks come with a price tag that is a fraction of what the standard pick ups are going for. IY even gets better when you are looking at a used Japanese mini truck. And getting a used one doesn’t always mean that you are getting a lower version of the newer one. In fact, all of the kei trucks in the United States are used. This is mainly because there is a 25-year rule that allows only older vehicles to be imported and used.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption of a vehicle is yet another important thing to keep in mind. Most of the newer pick up trucks that you will find in the market have V8 or W8 engines. Despite the horsepower that you are getting from them, you should also expect to spend a premium on fueling the pick up truck. However, the Japanese mini trucks have smaller engines which means that they use less fuel. In many cases, they will handle what most pick up trucks will yet you are spending less on fueling it.

Maintenance Costs

Yet another thing that you need to be wary of when owning a vehicle is that there will always be maintenance and repair costs. As compared, the pick up trucks have a higher maintenance costs as compared to the kei trucks which one can do on their own. This is yet another reason why you would want to go with the kei trucks.


Affordability, cost of maintenance and fuel costs defines how Japanese mini trucks are better than pick up trucks. These are some of the things that best defines the kei trucks. So, you can always invest in them with confidence.

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