Best Way To Easily Replace a Starter Motor of a Truck?

How do you replace a starter motor of a truck? The engine powers your truck, but it has to be stimulated to start performing its role. The internal combustion engine has various parts, one of these integral parts is the starter motor. The starter motor aids in the initiation of the engine to start functioning. Once the starter motor has initiated the engine, the engine will continue running on its power.

The starter motor is an electrical device that cranks the internal combustion engine. Once the engine starts to function, the starter motor gets disconnected from the engine, which runs from the power it generates. The starter motor is located at the gearbox housing, and its gears meet the flywheel’s teeth.

The starter motor has a powerful direct current electric motor and a solenoid as an electrical component. The solenoid receives power from the battery. The starter motor must be supplied with at least 12 voltage power from the battery to turn the engine. The starter motor will become faulty as it performs its roles. If it is not able to work effectively, you can replace it. This guide will let you know how to replace your starter motor.

How Do You Replace a Starter Motor of a Truck?

If you would like to know how to replace a starter motor of a truck, then here is how to do just that. The starter motor can be an electric part of your truck, in some trucks, it is a hydraulic part. When working on it you should practice and uphold safety measures. First, consider disconnecting your battery by removing the negative cable from the terminal. Doing this is a safety measure whenever you are working on your truck’s engine. To access the starter motor, you might need to raise your truck. You might find it hard to access the starter motor in some trucks. Consider referring to your truck’s repair manual before performing this process. You should choke your wheels as well as wear protective glasses.

Remove the Wiring

As you prepare to work on your starter motor, consider removing the wiring and cables connected to your battery’s terminals and the cable from the starter solenoid.

Remove the Starter and Bolts

Locate the starter bolts to remove the starter. Use the manufacturer’s manual to guide you to identify your starter motor and the bolts that hold it. Use the necessary tools to remove these bolts, you will be to remove the starter motor safely.

Make a Comparison for Verification

After removing the old starter motor, consider comparing it to the new one you have bought. Doing this will enable you to determine whether the new starter motor will fit your truck. Some starter motors might appear completely different, but they will fit your truck.

Transfer Heat Shield

You will find the new starter motor has a heat shield or brackets. Consider transferring them.

Secure then Tighten

Secure the new starter motor and tighten all the bolts holding it in place. However, do not overtighten the bolts.

Connect the Wiring

You have now installed your starter motor, and you should connect all the wirings you disconnected. Finally, connect your battery and try if everything is functioning well.


The process to replace a starter motor of a truck is not a complex procedure. Follow the instructions shared in this guide to do that.