Mini Truck Fuel Pump Relay

Japanese mini trucks have always stood out when it comes to the lightweight truck class. They have become very popular way even beyond the intended Japanese market. Their performance and reliability is on another level and something that many mini tuck owners tend to love. The mini trucks can be used for many different services and despite these vehicles running on a small engine and themselves being small and compact, it actually turns out to be an advantage. With easy maneuverability and less fuel consumption, there is nothing you cannot love in this kei trucks. However, like any other vehicles out there, they need some maintenance and repair at some point. Among the components in a vehicle that gets less attention is the relay system. In this guide, we will go through mini truck fuel pump relay system.

What is a Pump Relay?

A petrol powered engine involves compressing fuel and igniting them. This is the basic functioning of a combustion engine. When the fuel is in the chamber, there is need for the plug to emit some kind of spark so that the pistons starts to move. But have you thought about where the spark comes from? In short, there is need for some source of power to the engine to have things running.

While the fuel pump ensures there is ample fuel in the engine to keep things going, the relay takes the other part of the control module. So, whenever the ignition of a vehicle is turned on, the relay is then activated to function. It then supplies the power to the fuel pump for it to function. The pump relay continues to run as long as the vehicle is turned on. This clearly demonstrates how a relay functions in a vehicle. Without the relay the engine will not run and the vehicle is not going to function.

How To Know That Mini Truck Fuel Pump Relay Is Faulty

Below are some of the ways that you can know that the relay is not functioning well as it should.

Engine failing to start

The fuel pump relay is a component that no petrol powered vehicle could run without. This is because the fuel in the engine needs to be pumped. The mechanism that the pump uses utilizes power supplied by the relay. So, if the engine fails to start, relay could be one of the problems causing this.

Stalling Engine

Another thing that could go wrong is if the engine stalls at some point when you are driving. If the relay is not able to transmit power to the pump for whatever reason, then the engine will stall.

Pump Going Silent

If the pump of the vehicle goes silent, then it could mean that there isn’t enough power getting in. This means that the relay could be the problem, and needs to be looked at.

These are some of the ways that one can know whether they have a bad pump relay.

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