Various Uses Of Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have become the talk of the town these days. These vehicles which are of course originating from Japan are among the most sold vehicle units. Considering that they have been in development for many decades, it is enough evidence that they are very useful and dependable. So, should you get yourself one of these Japanese mini trucks? Whatever task you need to be done, there are lot so things that you can always count on Japanese mini trucks to deliver on.

To help you find out whether you need one of the Japanese mini tucks, then we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, detailing all you need to know about them and where they can be used. This will also help you understand whether you should get one for yourself.

Overview & Understanding Japanese Mini Trucks

What exactly is a Japanese mini truck? These trucks are always called Kei mini trucks locally and have been in existence since time in memorial. The primary purpose of Japanese mini trucks was to help do errands that cannot be run on some other types of vehicles. It functions the same way any other truck does and the incredible performance that they come with has made them lovable in every way.

First off, they are made by some of the leading car markers in the industry. These are the likes of Daihatsu, Subaru, Suzuki and Hyundai. Having such automakers on boas makes these vehicles exceptional and knowing the reliability of these brands makes them even better. So if you have always been worried about the quality of vehicle that you are getting, then the knowledge that these are solidly built vehicles that have undergone some of the best technology and engineering should ease your mind and instill more confidence in Japanese mini trucks.

One other thing worth noting is that the market of second hand Japanese mini trucks is growing at a very fast rate. People are looking to save on vehicles and still get something quality, which is all you get from Japanese mini trucks. They will give you good value for the money if you get the right one to buy. If you are looking for a high quality vehicle that is dependable without spending too much, then getting a second hand Japanese mini truck will get you going.

Why they Are Getting So Popular

kei mini trucks

The popularity of Japanese mini trucks has surged simply due to a number of things. First, their performance is excellent. This owes to the fact that a lot has gone into it in terms of engineering and mechanics. This has made them very reliable, even way more as compared to other types of vehicles you will find in the market. If you are after performance in a vehicle, then the Japanese mini trucks do not disappoint when it comes to this.

Secondly, they are very easy when it comes to maintaining them. They are not so demanding when it comes to this and you can go a long way without experiencing breakdowns or the need to repair them. We all love a vehicle that is easy to maintain and with the Japanese mini tucks, you will love this experience.

Fuel efficiency is yet another thing that most car owners are always keen on, and with Japanese mini trucks you will love the fact that they are very economical and only seep a little yet give you good mileage coverage in the process. Who wouldn’t want to have such a vehicle? Of course we all do, and you are guaranteed to love this factor about the Japanese mini trucks.

The next reason why you would want to have a mini truck is because they are very affordable. These vehicles aren’t as complex as one would think. They come at a very affordable price when compared to pick up trucks and other trucks in this class. And you shouldn’t let that fool you in any way. They are very reliable and many people find them to be one of the most valuable investment. To add to that, these vehicles are built to be very hardy and they can last a lifetime. So, even getting a second hand Japanese mini truck which are often way affordable is a good investment.

Finally, there are many things that you can use the Japanese mini trucks for, and this guide has been primarily created to detail some of the errands that you can use it on. Below is a more comprehensive guide detailing some of the tasks that you can use a mini truck for.


Many hunters across the world often needs a vehicle that they can travel with through the woods with a lot of ease. The Japanese mini tucks, most preferably the bed mini tucks are excellent choice when it comes to this. Besides having just a bed, the bed trucks are just like any other pick up trucks and have enough power to easily maneuver through almost any kind of terrain out there. They are also lightweight and easy to maneuver with.

Depending on the kind of roads that you expect in you hunting operation, you can get a 4 wheel mini truck or just settle for a 2 wheel if it is not that harsh. Otherwise, a Japanese mini tuck can be really helpful to hunters out there. This has to show that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money customizing a vehicle just to use it for hunting.

Construction Work

Are you into the construction business and always find yourself needing to transport materials from one site to another? The spacious bed that you will find in Japanese dump bed mini trucks together with the dump bed functionality gives handy construction guys an invaluable hand and a way to easily transport their raw materials as well as equipment from one place to the other. So, if you have always found yourself stranded and sometimes wonder how to easily transport such tools, equipment and raw materials, then getting yourself an affordable Japanese mini truck should help you achieve what you wish. Being affordable, easy to maintain and consuming less fuel as compared to other types of vehicles on this class, you will see real value investing in a Japanese mini truck.

Although the Japanese mini trucks cannot be used efficiently for large construction tasks, they can be really helpful for small to medium sized construction work.


If you are a serious farmer who has invested a lot in producing good yields, then you have to make sure that you have a good vehicle that helps you deliver produce to carry farm materials or equipment to the farm and back with a lot of ease. Although people use pick up trucks mostly, sometimes it calls for a more affordable and simpler option, and that is when you should get a Japanese mini truck.

Among the most convenient Japanese mini truck that you can use for farming includes those designed with beds. Due to their sizeable beds and versatility, you can easily carry produce or farm materials and equipment with a lot of ease.


caravan mini trucks from Japan

Camping has become a favorite outdoor activity to many people out there. The problem is that getting a caravan is sometimes too expensive which makes it impossible for many of us to enjoy some quality time outdoors. Surprisingly Japanese mini trucks do offer good options to people who want to spend time outdoors. there are specialized Japanese mini trucks called Caravan mini trucks which are designed to look like any other caravan truck you would find in the market.

So if you are looking for a way to save tons of cash or don’t have too much to spend on a brand new caravan truck, then a mini sized Japanese caravan mini truck will surely come in handy. The low maintenance, low fuel consumption and reliability that comes with the Caravan mini trucks will also come as a plus.

Final Verdict

Although Japanese mini trucks haven’t taken over every street across the globe, they surely are making a noise and getting well known and loved by many people out there. If you are looking for a way to move things around, then the Japanese mini trucks are a priority that one should consider getting. From carrying farm produce to moving construction equipment from one place to the other, they have proven to be invaluable in every way.

Buying a Japanese mini truck isn’t also that hard and you can even do it online and have it shipped to your country or state without any hard work on your part. You may also want to check out some of the second hand Japanese mini trucks in our car listing page. There you will get tons of caravan mini trucks, dump bed mini trucks, and pretty much every kind of second hand Japanese vehicle that you may want to buy. We will help you have it shipped easily and fast to your country wherever you are.

How To Get A Reliable Kei Truck

Want to get yourself a second hand Kei truck that will give you high quality service and performance? Kei trucks, also known as Japanese mini trucks have been the talk of the town for a long time and many people are loving the experience that these vehicles come with. Reliability is their other name and many people who have used it can attest than only few vehicles of the same class come close to it. however, you need to be always keen since not all these vehicles are similar and not all will guarantee you the same reliability and performance.


In this comprehensive guide, we will go through soem of the things that one needs to be keen and watchful on to ensure that they are getting the bets reliable Kei truck that they deserve. Whether you are importing it directly from Japan or buying the Kei truck from your local yard, these tips must be observed. Here we go;

Inspect The Vehicle Thoroughly

f there is one thing and a surefire way that you will know that you are getting a vehicle hat is worth the money, then it has to your own assurity and that is by keenly checking and inspecting the vehicle to know how it is and whether the condition it is on is the best that you can get. among the most common cases of frauds and scams are the bait and switch where the scammer provides details to the buyer only to realize later that the vehicle isn’t exactly as it was presented. These cases are common especially when one is buying the vehicle online and abroad. To avoid and get more details on a vehicle that yo cannot access physically, you can always ask for specific images on various parts and video overview to know more about the vehicle.

You should also know that some sellers hide details of the vehicle and this is where you have to do a thorough inspection under the hood and even ask for a mechanical record on the maintenance of the vehicle. This way, you will be sure on how the vehicle will serve you.

Be Careful On Scams and Fraudsters

Let’s face it. Scammers and fraudsters are all over and if there is one thing that you need to be keen on and ensure that is spot on, it has to be keeping a watchful eye on the transactions and every dealing that you enter with someone when buying the vehicle. sometimes the buying process comes in a way that is too good to be true an at that point, you need to make sure that you are not getting tricked or conned.


You need to make sure that with every transaction and money transfer that you make goes to the account name of the company that you are dealing with. You should not entertain stories that you are required to send the money to an offshore account and such information that could lead to scammers getting away with the money easily.

Work With A Legit Seller

Something else that you need to be keen on to make sure that you are getting a good and reliable Kei mini truck is to always work with a legit seller who has been in the industry for a while. This is becausae there are lots of new car sellers in the industry who don’t know how to treat their customers well and some of them could end up being scammers who don’t intend to sell for long, so they just take advantage and scam their customers for easy money.

With this in mind, you do not want to be the victim and to do that, you should just avoid new sellers who have no reputation and work with only those that have been in the business for a long time. This way, you will know that whatever you are getting has been vetted and good in terms of performance and reliability.

Other Reasons To Love Kei Mini Trucks

High Performance

The Kei mini trucks are among the most performing vehicles in their class and this comes without demanding much. although the vehicle is low in terms of carrying capacity and the horsepower, it is relatively powerful and provide enough power to carry out normal day to day tasks. You will also be able to flexibly work easily depending on the kind of Kei truck you choose. There are a number of models to choose from depending on the nature of job that you expect to be handling much. There are flat bed mini truck, dump bed mini trucks, scissor lift trucks among many others. the choice that you opt for will depend on what you expect to be carrying more frequently.

Low Maintenance

The Kei mini trucks undergo a lot of skilled engineering which makes them stand out when it comes to maintenance an repairs. These vehicles have earned themselves a name for being among the best low maintenance vehicle. Repairs are also cheap to run and doesn’t demand that too frequently like you would find with most of other vehicles  in its class.

If you are serious about getting a vehicle that will not stress you by demanding the attention of the mechanic every time, then Kei mini trucks are the kind of vehicles that you should be getting.

Final Word

now, with the understanding of the Kei mini truck and how these vehicles are very reliable, high performing and affordable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get one to help you go on with the daily hauling tasks.

If you decide to buy one, then why not check out our listing page to see some of the latest that we have vetted and tested? We have been in the market for many years and we have served thousands of customers across the globe. We are certain that you will love the vehicles that you get from us. Get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Common Questions About Japanese Mini Trucks – Understanding Kei Mini Trucks

The auto world by now knows that Japanese mini trucks are the talk of the town and they are lovable for a number of things that we rarely find on other utility vehicles in their class. If you own one of these Japanese mini trucks then you know how good and reliable they are. Kei trucks, as they are locally known in Japan come in different models and customizations which are made to handle different kind of tasks. They range from dump bed mini trucks, flat beds, skylift, scissor list and other customized models.

In this guide, we will go through some of the most common questions that most of us ask about Japanese mini trucks

Who makes Japanese (Kei) Mini Trucks?

Of course the origin is Japan, but most of us ask who the carmakers behind these vehicles are. Kei mini trucks have for long been produced by many car makers including Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru.  They have undergone tons of customizations and changes over the decades and what we have today are some of the latest models utilizing the latest technologies. These carmakers are some of the leading across the globe and the quality of these mini trucks are amazing. In fact, there are many of old models that are still in use today delivering top quality performance. You can therefore choose to either acquire a used model which is also usually cheap or get a new one which could be a bit costly but of course with more sophisticated advantages.  It however all goes down to whatever you intend to use the vehicle for.

Why Are Japanese Mini Trucks Cheap?

Most people would ask why Japanese mini trucks are inexpensive as compared to other utility vehicles in the market. Others are even tempted to think that these could be some chunk of vehicles that have been put together to do some light jobs

While these vehicles range from 550-660cc, they are meant to optimize and deliver on carrying medium loads across all-weather roads. Anybody who has used them for a number of tasks will tell you that they can do almost everything that you would get from a pickup truck. Perhaps even way better at some things. So why spend much on any other utility vehicle when you can get yourself a Japanese mini truck for a fraction of the cost?

Are Kei Mini Trucks Reliable?

If you are worried about the performance and whether these vehicles are dependable and can be counted on when it comes to handling tasks, then you need not fret any more. Kei mini trucks have been in continuous production and have for long been the main vehicle used in Japan to carry around small to medium sized loads. Interests have also expanded to other countries and people’s love for these vehicles is unending.

The fact that you can also get these vehicles in either 4X4 or a 2 wheel drive gives one the option to choose which one is suitable for them depending on the condition of the roads that they will be using the mini truck.

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Street Legal?

Legality and usage of mini trucks, just like with any other utility vehicles imported from other countries will vary depending on your country or state. You must have come across some Japanese kei mini trucks around and just wondering if they are road legal. In the United States, there are a number of laws that govern the use of mini truck in some states. Some states allow the vehicles to be used under certain conditions. To get full details on whether a mini truck is legal and if there are any limitations in your state, we recommend you check out this article.

Are Used Kei Mini Trucks Good?

The Kei mini trucks are made by some of the world’s trusted brands and they have gone through high engineering to make them both hardy and good in performance. When you come across a well maintained used Japanese mini truck, you will enjoy an equally satisfactory service from it just like you would with a new one. And if you have been thinking that they are flawed especially with the fact that you get them at a fraction of the cost of other utility vehicles, you are dead wrong.

The only reason why these kei mini trucks are selling at crazy low prices is because the Japanese want to get rid of them and get newer vehicles which cost them less in insurance and taxes.

Where To Buy Japanese Kei Mini Trucks

Now that you have decided to get yourself a mini truck, where do you get it from? You can find Japanese mini trucks all over, even in your local car dealer. However, dealing with a local car dealer might have some demerits which includes the cost of acquiring a vehicle. It is very obvious that the local car dealer is in business and out there to make a kill. If you are not in a rush to get your mini truck, then it is most advisable that you go with the importation option which you can get your mini truck in a few weeks. And if you think that importing is stressful, then we are here to help you. We ship the vehicle to your destined port and let you handle the other simpler part of getting the vehicle on the road.

Many people have had to travel from state to the other to get their mini truck, but they only have one option and that is to go with that mini truck that they are availed with.


Hopefully the above guide gives you a good understanding on the Japanese mini trucks. They have stood the test of time and are amazing vehicles that you can get to help you run you daily errands.

Check out some of the mini trucks that we have in our inventory by visiting our listings page. You can get in touch with us anytime if there is a particular mini truck or minivan that you would like to get from Japan and have it shipped to you.