Why You Should Buy Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks are among some of the leading lightweight vehicles with a bed. Their incredible and functional design that resembles that of a pick up truck. They are lovable among people who want to transport goods. They can be used to do pretty much anything. From carrying cargo to and from the farm, construction site, for hunting and other countless work one can think of. They’ve been compared to pick up trucks, while many people prefer them for many advantages over the standard pick ups. With all these reasons, there is no reason why you should not buy Japanese mini trucks.

They are made by some of the leading automakers such as the Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu and Mazda. This simply means that you are getting a solid vehicle that will deliver. And you can always count on them.

But are they really worth it? Should you buy these Japanese mini trucks or are they just hyping. Let us delve into the world of kei trucks and discover whether it’s right for you and why you should get one.

Why People Prefer To Buy Japanese Mini Trucks

There are many reasons why so many people are buying into the whole kei truck thing. Below are some of the reasons why these vehicles stand out and are very lovable.

Excellent Performance

Performance is everything in a vehicle, and this is why you need to make sure that performance is spot on before you even think about getting a particular vehicle. Performance means that the vehicle can perform by delivering what you expect from it. The good thing is that the Japanese engineering and craftsmanship is well known across the globe, and the kei trucks are made by some of the leading automakers across the globe. This gives you an assurance that the vehicles that you get will give you the best.

And this is all evident in the reviews and praises that you can hear from the owners of Japanese mini trucks. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself one of these incredible vehicles.

Good Maneuverability

If there is one thing that the Japanese mini truck beats the rest in, it has to be how easy it maneuvers. They can be used to carry pretty much anything as long as it is within its carry capacity. And whether you are on paved roads or on off road, these vehicles will surely not let you down. As if that wasn’t enough, these vehicles are also made with 4X4 capability. This simply means that they can’t easily get stuck on mud since all the 4 wheels can be engaged when needed.

So, if you need a vehicle that can guarantee you good performance whether on tarmac or on off-road where other vehicles wouldn’t go, these lightweight kei trucks will surely impress you.

Incredible Fuel Economy

Most of the vehicles in the market these days are fuel guzzlers. They are made with very huge engines which are sometimes unnecessary. There is too much wasted power which you would have gotten from a smaller vehicle like the kei truck. For that reason, you should go for a vehicle that delivers and gets you the results you need while making sure that efficiency is upheld.

The Japanese mini truck is incredible when it comes to fuel economy since it has a smaller engine and optimized for power and efficiency.


Getting a vehicle nowadays has proven to be very difficult, simply because of the high price tag that they come with. This has forced many of us to get a second hand vehicle which is more affordable. But the thing is that they d not really get good value for the price that they spend. So, one thing that you should be looking for when you are getting a used vehicle is to ensure that you get good value for the money. It should be able to deliver good service that you are happy with.

With that in mind, you should give a serous thought to getting a Japanese mini truck because it is way cheaper. It even gets better when you opt to go for a used Japanese mini truck.

Little Maintenance & Repairs

Are you looking for a vehicle that requires little maintenance? The Japanese mini trucks have excelled when it comes to this and you can always count on them to deliver. These are a breed of vehicles that will hardly require the attention of a mechanic. And when you learn the basics of making repairs, it will even get better. The vehicle is very easy to learn and the fact that getting their spare parts is even better.

Unlike those vehicles that need a weekly attention of a mechanic, this is one that will impress you since you can save a lot in the process. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not buy Japanese mini trucks.

Should You Buy Japanese Mini Trucks

The question on whether you should get a Japanese mini truck shouldn’t persist anymore. After checking out some of the positive things you stand to get with them, your decision should be easy. Their incredible performance and efficiency makes them stand out and you definitely should consider getting one. Whether it is a used Japanese mini truck or a new one.

Most of the ones in the United States and North America are used since there are regulations there. So, be sure to check with the local authorities first to know which one to get.

Final Word

Japanese mini trucks are excellent vehicles to say the least. They deliver excellent results as advertised. With hat in mind, you should be asking where to get Japanese mini trucks. We advise that you consider the importation option. Check out some that we have in our Japan based auto sales yard. We will help you with the shipping process to anywhere across the globe. Having done this for thousands of clients over the years, we surely will help you get the kei truck of your dreams.

Choosing The Best Mini Truck To Buy – Comprehensive Guide

The Japanese mini truck market is soaring year after year and this is mainly because of the competitive nature of these vehicles. They are designed with performance and delivery in mind. For long, some have compared them to pickup trucks and seen them as their perfect alternative. They are designed differently and will surely guarantee users easy carrying, thanks to their versatile bed and versatility. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the things that guarantees you choose the best mini truck to buy that suits your needs.

Anybody who understands vehicles and knows a thing or two about Japanese mini trucks knows they are very reliable. These kei trucks (Keitora) are changing the auto industry game. They are lauded for being one of the best vehicles in the market and there is no doubt about how they perform or how they deliver the services.

The Types Of Japanese Mini Trucks In The Market

Before delving into There are various model designs of the Japanese kei trucks one can find in the market. They have been designed differently so as to be used in different fields. Below are some of the most common mini truck types that one can get.

Dump Bed Mini Trucks

This is perhaps one of the best known mini trucks that one can get. They are popular because of their traditionally styled bed which resembles that of a pickup truck. The only additional function is the dumping functionality it comes with. They can be used in instances where one needs to haul cargo from one point to the other. If the cargo isn’t delicate, then the hydraulic dump function comes in handy. They are engineered with a well-designed dump which links to a hydraulic system that lifts the dump so that it easily get off the cargo. There are many used that such a vehicle will come in handy. From carrying building materials to farm manure and other use cases.

Scissor Lift Japanese Mini Truck

Ever found yourself in a situation where you have to raise some load to a certain level? Well, to succeed in that, you need a Japanese scissor lift mini truck. Dump bed mini trucks and flat bed mini tucks are very usable, but not for every task out there. A Japanese scissor lift truck is designed with a hydraulic system with structures that flexibly fold and open to form a scissor shaped system that raises the bed. This is what makes it capable of lifting loads to a certain level. Despite these vehicles not been very common, they are still there and their uses are always available. Some people opt to customize these mini trucks to make a scissor lift truck which is incredible.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini trucks, as the name suggests are made with a bed that is flat. They are different from dump bed mini trucks, caravan mini trucks and Scissor lift mini truck due to their bed design. Made with the intention of handling abnormally sized load. Things like a large but light water tank might not fit into a normal bed, so a flat bed would be ideal. Such a vehicle with a flat bed also come in handy in many instances such as when carrying large sized glassware and other things such as motorcycles which might not easily fit or become difficult to carry in other types of bed. It is an incredible and very useful mini truck.

Japanese Caravan mini Truck

Ever came across a mini truck that resembles an RV? Well, that could be the Caravan mini truck that you came across. Japanese mini trucks have the option of Caravan mini truck which is designed with a bed that is covered completely. It is mainly meant to be used to haul cargo that is delicate and needs to be covered. Carrying any cargo inside it is however not limited and hence its versatility and flexibility of handling different types of cargo.

There are other types of Japanese mini truck models, but these 4 are the most common ones that you are likely to come across.

Why Used Japanese Mini Trucks Stand Out

There are countless number of reasons why the Japanese mini trucks stand out and are among the most sorted vehicles out there. Below are some of the reasons why these Japanese mini trucks are lovable across the globe.

Very Reliability And Dependable

The reliability of a vehicle and its performance are the first things that define that vehicle. If it is poor in performance and fails to deliver, then you are better without it because it costs you to run it. You can’t claim to have a good vehicle if its performance is subpar. Lucky enough, the case of Japanese mini trucks is a good one. You will not be disappointed by this vehicle.

Good Value For The Money

If you are looking for an affordable vehicle then the kei trucks will surely impress you. They are well made and guaranteed to offer you value for the money.

So, if you are looking to spend less, but still get good quality and performance, you should go ahead and get the Japanese mini truck. It is a fraction of the cost when compared to other vehicles that resembles it. Some people compare it to pickup trucks which are way pricier than these Japanese mini trucks.

Final word On Choosing The Best Mini Truck To Buy

Having gone through the ins and our of choosing the best mini truck to buy, we hope you will make a wise and informed decision. There are many options for you to choose out there depending on what exactly you want as far as kei trucks are concerned. We are also here to help in case you have any questions. It is our job anyway.

On our car listing page, we have lots of Japanese mini trucks designed under different models. Browse through the many that we have and get in touch with us for more details on a particular vehicle. We will then help you ship it to your country or state.

Choosing the Best Japanese Mini Truck

If you ask anyone who has been in the auto industry and more focused on trucks about the Japanese mini tucks, they will tell you endless reasons why they are excellent choices of vehicles. From their incredible performance, unmatched quality and affordability, there is every reason to invest in them. In this guide, we will go through some of the reasons why you may want to get Japanese mini trucks and which one you should be getting as well as also explaining why that is a good choice. But before delving into that, here are some of the reasons why they stand out from many out there in the market.

They Are Very Affordable

As compared to what you will find in the market, the Japanese mini trucks are considered to be among the most affordable vehicles that one can find. And you should not be fooled to think that they are cheaply built just because they come at such an affordable price. There are several reasons why thy come cheap and among them is the fact that most of the pre-owners either want to get a newer vehicle to keep the insurance costs lower or maybe want to switch their nature of work. The fact that there are lots of these vehicles in the market also lowers demand making them more affordable.

High Performance

When it comes to performance, these vehicles are not any shy to beat some of the high horsepower vehicles such as pick up trucks, which most of us really love. Despite the fact that these vehicles have a lower engine cc, as compared to others, the performance that one gets is phenomenal. The engine size also ensures that less fuel is consumed per mile coverage while giving the user the best output per distance covered. All these is thanks to the high technology and engineering in place. Also depending on the kind of terrain and nature of the roads that you expect to be using the vehicle on,you may opt to get either a 4X4 vehicle or one that is just 2 Wheel Drive for common roads.

Incredible Quality

The body of a vehicle means a lot in terms of performance and how long that vehicle will last while giving you the best performance that you need. When it comes down to that, the Japanese mini trucks is among the vehicles that you will love and this is simply because they are solidly built with a hard-body structure and chassis which means that they will go a long way.

Choosing the Right Mini Truck To Invest In

Here are some of the things that one should be looking for when they want to buy a second hand Japanese mini truck.

The Intended Use

The first thing when you are looking for a vehicle should always be to ask yourself everything that you want to be using the vehicle for. The Japanese mini trucks are also designed in different models, each meant to be used differently. For instance, there are dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini trucks, caravan mini trucks, scissor lift mini trucks among other specialty designs. All these vehicle modelling will be excellent in some type of work than others and to get the best, you need to understand the nature of tasks you will be handling. For instance, if you expect to be doing a lot of construction work, you may want to get a dump bed mini truck which makes carrying and unloading loads a seamless process.

The Condition Of the Vehicle

Second hand vehicles have been handled differently by their previous owners, and this is a major concern that one needs to know about. When picking a vehicle, you need to know its current condition and whether it is going to deliver or will it just be a waste of money and investment. You need to check inside and outside the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle you are getting is not another case of bait and switch which has become more common in the past. This should be the engine, gear box, body of the vehicle, chassis, tires among other things. Each and everyone of these things are crucial and any compromise could mean that you have to spend more in repairs.

Watch Out For Scams

We all know that scams are all over, and when it comes to importing a vehicle overseas, you have to be extra cautious as well. Be sure to inspect the seller and do your due diligence on the vehicle to ensure that you are getting a real vehicle and that you are not being conned. Another way of avoiding this is by ensuring that all transactions are done in a safe way and using some of the best platforms like PayPal to avoid frauds.

Your Budget

blankLastly, you’d want to make sure that you are spending to buy a vehicle within your budget. Without setting up a budget on hat you are ready to spend, you could find yourself on a shopping spree where you will buy a vehicle that is too expensive hence you end up messing your spending. however, that doesn’t mean that you go for the cheapest vehicle that you can find in the market. You should be looking out for value which means that you have to make sure that the vehicle you are getting offers you the service and performance that you need.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks have become popular in the recent, and with the century old experience in making high quality vehicles that are reliable and dependable, Japan has become home to the leading automakers. If you are serious about getting yourself one, then you should follow the guide above on some of the things that you need to do to get the right vehicle that meets the nature of your work.

Be sure to check out some of the best Japanese mini tucks that we have in our listing page. We pride ourselves in providing high performance and tested second hand mini trucks.

Buy Second Hand Subaru Sambar Mini Trucks

Ever heard or come across Subaru Sambar? If you have been keen on Japanese autos, moistly the mini trucks, then you must have come across one of these on the streets. They are not very popular, but they have proven to be outstanding in performance, quality and reliability. In a nutshell, it complements the brand name and lives up to the Japanese auto standards, which means that it is a vehicle that you can always count on to deliver. As you can tell from the name, it is a Subaru brand and this vehicle is designed to look like a pick up truck and do anything that a pick up truck will do. It just takes the shape of a lorry and tends to be more spacious than a pick up.

In this guide, we will go through the steps of importing yourself a second hand Subaru Sambar the easy way. But first, here are some of the things that you need to understand and how wit differs from the pick up trucks.

Subaru Sambar Vs. Pick Up Truck

There are many similarities between the Subaru Sambar mini truck and the pick up truck, but here are some of the differences that you may want to know much about to help you decide and see why it could be much better.

More Spacious

The bed of a dump bed mini truck is much bigger when compares to a bed of a pick up truck. Of course there are those huge pick up trucks which may be larger than the dump bed mini truck, but you will find that most of the Japanese mini trucks are larger. This means that you can enjoy larger space where you can haul more cargo than you would get from a pick up truck.

Cheaper To Buy

The prices of vehicles keep going up every day and with this being a big problem to most of us, it is advisable to get a good vehicle that comes at a lower cost. Getting a second hand vehicle is definitely the first step, but that doesn’t mean that all the pre-owned vehicles are good. You need to get one that is very reliable as well and in this case, the Subaru Sambar is a good one to pick since it has stood the test of time.

Easy And Low Cost Of Maintenance

Getting yourself a Subaru Sambar or any other Japanese mini truck is not only cheap to acquire, but running it is also pretty easy which makes it a lovable vehicle. With such kind of vehicle, you can forget about regular breakdowns and having to go through a lot of mechanical expenses. It is a factor that has made this vehicle one of the best pickup truck alternatives to go for.

Importing Subaru Sambar From Japan

Anyone can get a vehicle even at the local dealership, but there are more advantages when one opts to get it directly from Japan. First off, you will have a lot of options to choose from which is something you might not get with your local dealership. Secondly, there is nothing better than getting the Japanese mini truck than getting it from the where it is manufactured. Many Japanese car owners are pushing out older vehicles to avoid paying higher insurance rates.

Shop And Compare From Many Dealers

If there is one thing that every car buyer must do to get a good deal from their purchase is to compare and shop around many dealerships. With today’s power of the internet, it couldn’t be easier to peruse and skim through online classified and car sales portals. The advantage and good thing that comes with comparing is that you can get a vehicle at a good deal and you will also get a chance to pick one that is flawless.

Understand The Dealer You Choose To Word With

blankThere is an alarming increase in online scams and issues of bait and switch. Falling victim to any of that will deny you the chance to have the vehicle that you have always wanted. The good news however is that with utmost care and understanding of how the market works, you will be able to avoid all these and still get your vehicle the easy way. To achieve that, you need to work with a reputable and real Japanese car dealer. Understanding the dealer means digging up enough information and details about them. This includes checking up their physical location and even getting information about them on local directories. You should also ask them any questions to clear your doubts and this is how you get to understand and know whether yo are dealing with a real company or a crooked online scammer.

Another advantage that comes with getting a good vehicle dealer is that they can help you get a good deal on shipping which is usually another hard thing that most new importers have had to deal with.

Final Word:

Getting yourself the vehicle of your dream is very important. One that comes at a good cost, doesn’t guzzle a lot of fuel and is good when it comes to maintenance and service provision. In the case of the Subaru Sambar, getting it from Japan is not as hard as one would think. The importation process is pretty much the same if you have every imported one before. You just have to be watchful and be more concerned about the scams and some other things to ensure that the vehicle arrives at your place in one piece.

You can check out some of the best Subaru Sambar mini trucks that we have in our car listing page. We are certain that you will love them. We have been selling second hand Japanese mini trucks for a long time and you can always trust us to give you good service.

Challenges To Expect While Importing Second Hand Mini Trucks From Japan

For anyone looking to import a second hand vehicle, Japan has become the go-to place. And this is because most of the second hand vehicles from Japan are affordable, high performing and reliable. however, there is one huge problem that many people have had to go through — Online scams. Anyone who has been online long enough, knows of the nightmares that many people have had to go through. and the sad thing is that the motor vehicle industry isn’t spared as well and if one is not careful, they could be lured into buying a vehicle that doesn’t exist. Most of the scams come as a misrepresentation where the seller is pretending to be a Japanese used car exporter yet they do not exist or even reside there.

Beginners who are still learning how the import works and don’t have much experience, needs to understand the importance of spotting these fraudsters from afar. We have prepared this comprehensive post to help newbies in outlining some of the things that you need to look out for in legitimate and trustworthy Japanese used car dealers that you can work with.

Do Careful Transactions

The next things that you should always check out and be sure is spot on is the way you close the deal and make the transactions. It is the most critical part which you need to also be extra cautious or you will just watch your money fly away and never see the vehicle that you bought. without a doubt, this is the step that one should be very cautious on is this one as most folks easily get conned and tricked. Most of the time, it is the money payment method that gets a bit tricky and people end up losing money in the process.

you should make sure that the payment goes to the registered vendor’s bank account in Japan only. in case the seller asks you to deposit to another offshore account, you shouldn’t fall for that and at that time, you should avoid the deal. Whenever someone asks you to pay though another bank, then it simply means that they are not in that particular location and there is a high likelihood that they are scammers.

Learn As Much As Possible About The Dealer

To get you started, you need to understand that most of the scammers approach or misrepresent themselves to their potential buyer who ends up being scammed. surprisingly and in most instances, the scammer could even be residing in a different country and could have just dug up information on the Japanese dealer they pretend to be. To be on the safe side, the first thing to do is to always check out the website details, contacts and address to confirm the information. All the information including the contacts should match with the ones that they are using to contact you, otherwise, you should stay away as there is a high chance that you are dealing with a scammer at that point.

It is also very important and advisable to get and ask for more information when you feel that you have doubts and think that there is something fishy. It is very obvious that a legit company will be willing to give you any information as they have nothing to hide and understand your concerns. In a case where the person on the other end of the line starts to give excuses, and tends to avoid and dodge questions, it is time to run and avoid continuing wasting your time with them.

Know The Vehicle Inside Out

The next thing that you need to do is to skin the vehicle inside out so that you understand and know exactly what you are getting. One needs to get full details and information including getting clear footages and photos of every part that you want to know more about on the vehicle. Getting videos and pictures will help you learn a lot since you cannot be there physically. If you want to get something legit, you need to inquire and learn more about it. You should get all the information that you would have gotten if you were physically present at the dealer’s yard. If you are interested in buying a Japanese mini truck for instance, you would like to check the vehicle’s engine or chassis, and other parts to ensure that it is in perfect condition.

Another thing is that when it comes to verifying the vehicle and getting to know that it meets all the legal requrements, you must have all the detail and records right. whether it is the certification, log book details, manufacturing details and ownership information, they are all very important. Chassis number, engine information and such must match those in records and if not, then it is time to avoid the deal.

Many of us are also at times fooled by the outside look and physical appearance of a vehicle. One needs to dig deep and know what’s under the hood and see if there are any faults and anything wrong including the mechanical issues and whether the vehicle has had anything like an accident before.

Final Word:

There are a lot of scams online and there is little that we can all do about it. Being extra keen and cautious is the only way to combat this and ensure that we are safe. One should connect the dots and detect scams by doing this and following some of the guides highlighted on this post.

Something else that one might want to consider is to use the service of an import broker which you can always find anywhere in any country. These guys know how to spot and detect monkey businesses and help you evade them. Do visit our vehicle listing page to check out some of the best deals on mini trucks, mini vans, sedans and other vehicles. We are certain that you will love the vehicles and we will also help you have it shipped easily.

The Japanese Mini Trucks You Should Avoid

The trend of Japanese mini trucks rocking almost every street isn’t anything new or a surprise. These vehicles have stood the test of time and proven to have what it takes to  bring the best in a vehicle. Their performance is excellent and whether you are looking for a vehicle to use in hunting, carrying produce or pretty much anything that you use a pick up truck for, the Japanese mini truck are a good choice to consider.

Besides their reliability and dependability, they also come at prices that are hard to beat and resist. However, not all of them are worth going for. Some are pure junk and will not give you the performance that you expect. Such kind of vehicles should be avoided at all cost and in this guide, we will go through them and what you should be careful on when buying and importing a vehicle.

Poor Record And Transparency

A seller who has a good vehicle doesn’t always shy from letting you know every detail that you ask from them, but there are those that will try to hide something. As always, it is required that you inquire as much as possible on a vehicle to know if it is worth the quoted price tag. However, some sellers will try to bring in excuses as to why something is not clear. Such lack of transparency should trigger your red alarm and you should try to avoid them at all costs because they could end up being poor and having a bad record of maintenance or requiring repairs every time.

A good car should be accompanies by a mechanical inspection report or a maintenance report showing you how it has been maintained. Without that, you should avoid buying such kind of car.

High Mileage Vehicles

Second hand vehicles are excellent because they help you cut down on the costs that you could have incurred with new vehicles. However, not all of them will give you the performance and meet your expectations. Although there are good high mileage vehicles that are worth every penny spent, most of them will not fit the bill. To avoid the junk and flawed vehicles that you can find in the market, you should be extra keen when buying high mileage vehicles because there is a higher risk of getting ones that have been over-used with parts broken down. Such a vehicle will keep you in the garage maintaining and repairing it when you could be using it to carry some goods.

It is only safe to stay away from second hand vehicles that have an extremely high mileage. Even though they are very cheap, they could end up being very expensive in the long run.

Poorly Maintained Vehicles

Another things that most buyers will comes across are vehicles that have gone through lots of maintenance, but if there are vehicles on offer that are now well maintained, one should not buy the vehicle with the hope of making changes and necessary maintenance to restore it. Such a vehicle can be a big pain, especially since it is not very clear on how much it will cost to maintain and make the necessary repairs and spare part changes. As such, it is safer to stay out of it and just get a vehicle that is in good working condition.

So, things like tire change and repairs, body paint, non-functional door locks and such should be avoided since they could end up being very costly to repair them.

Mistakes To Avoid

Are you making blunders when buying a vehicle? Here are some of the common blunders that you should avoid if you are looking for a good vehicle that will give you good service and performance. Everyone should avoid them to get a good deal that is worth the money.

Buying Under Pressure

when buying a vehicle, you need to be relaxed so as to make a sound decision and your research with calmness. It is also very common to find car sellers and dealers putting buyers under pressure and giving all kind of promises on the vehicle in question. This is something that gets many buyers and they end up getting what they don’t want. You need to keep in mind the fact that every seller will say anything to make a sale.

Failing To Do Your Research

Something that is very important when buying a mini truck and any other second hand vehicle, whether importing or just buying from your local dealer is to do your homework and research on the vehicle that you are getting. Is the vehicle reliable and how is it performing? When you do your research, you get to understand more about the vehicle and also know what to expect when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Ignoring Long Term Costs

blankThe long terms costs are the actual cost and price of the vehicle that you are getting. Failing to factor in how a vehicle consumes fuel and how much the repairs and maintenance can actually cost is not a wise move. You need to make sure that you have a good understanding of the vehicle that you are getting. Otherwise, you are risking any things including paying too much and experiencing a maintenance nightmare.

Final Word:

The second hand car market keeps growing by the day and this is simply because there are lots Japanese mini trucks that have promised and delivered beyond what the market competitors can. They are very reliable, dependable and highly performing making them an excellent choice for many people. they are the best alternatives to vehicles like pick up trucks and large lorries that are costly and require a lot of maintenance.

You can check out some of the latest mini trucks from our listings page. We have listed some of the best handpicked mini trucks that have been vetted and mechanically certified for their performance and quality. This means that you are getting good vehicles from us that will get you exactly what you expect.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Importing Dump Bed Mini Trucks From Japan

Dump bed mini trucks are one of the most reliable options that one has when they want to haul goods from one place to another. They are among the best alternatives to pickup trucks which although ideal, they come in expensively and could also demand too much when it comes to maintaining it. A dump bed mini truck is a vehicle that is designed to work in all conditions and under all-terrain roads.

While choosing a dump bed mini truck, it can however turn out to be a hectic lengthy process. Some simple mistakes could get you the vehicle hat you didn’t intend to or could end up costing you more than you thought. Here are things that you need if you want to get the bets dump bed mini truck from Japan.

Not Budgeting In Advance

Perhaps the very first thing that you need to have before even thinking of searching online for the mini truck or the vehicle that you need is to set your budget right. Many people end up spending much simply because they had not allocated a budget to get the vehicle.

The good thing is that there are lots of vehicles to choose from and it is easy to find one that is within your budget as long as you have a realistic one. You should restrict yourself to the set budget and avoid being tempted to go for something on a higher price level.

One other thing that you need to consider to save on your imports is to think about the Japanese used car auctions. They are a favorite to many people who love to save and get vehicles at a lower price. We can help you get the perfect vehicle that you wish fro through auctions. Just get in touch with us and we will help out.

Ignoring The State Requirements Of The Vehicle

Every country has its own transport and traffic rules which could affect the choice of vehicle that you choose to go with. To be on the safe side and avoid any issues, you should first confirm with the authorities to determine whether the vehicle you intend to import has met all the requirements.

This is something that many people, especially amateur import buyers fail to check. Importing a vehicle that does not meet the requirements could mean that you have to cater for the return and the exporter could charge to accept that. In some instances the authorities destroy the vehicles which could be double loss to you.

Failing to Negotiate The Cost

In many instances, the cost isn’t fixed and the sellers are always open to negotiations. You can get you favorite dump bed mini truck or any other vehicle with a little less bargain.

Although this will not do any harm to the quality of your ride or how it will perform, why not consider getting your vehicle for a little less? The good thing with today’s technology is that you can also make negotiations online, thanks to the emails and chat scripts that has made this a possibility. You can get started right away by checking some of the dump bed mini trucks and other mini trucks in our listing page, and get in touch with us with the chat system.

Choosing The Wrong Broker

blankFor most of the people who have little experience with importing a vehicle from another country, it could be a tedious process and it is usually advisable to find a local broker in your country to help you with the process. While this is an ideal option, it could turn out to be a nightmare in some cases. Some brokers do not have what it takes to deliver quality customer support and your vehicle could end up talking way longer than expected. This could end up also attracting crazy fees and charges.

If you are serious about getting your vehicle delivered to you safely and without big hassles, then the best way to do this is to find a broker that is trustworthy and has a good reputation. It is upon you to do your due diligence to find the right one to work with.

Choosing The Wrong Japanese Car Exporter

Similarly to the broker that you go with, you also need to find a good Japanese car exporter who has been in the industry for a while and has the experience in the business. There are hundreds of Japanese car exporters but you cannot trust them all to deliver the best quality service and vehicle that you want.

This is also a good way to stay out of the ever rising scams which could see your money fly into thin air and no vehicle to ship to you.

After-service is also very important to ensure that your shipping from the exporter’s end is taken care of well. This has a significant effect in ensuring that your mini truck reaches your country’s port safely and on time. To get a good Japanese exporter, there is no shortcut to that. You need to do your research, know if the company actually exists and know a few things about them. This will guarantee you that you are entering into a real deal. To illustrate this, you can check out our company profile, search us and see the details that come up against us. We have been in the industry long enough and there is no doubt that we are one of the best Japanese car exporters.

Final Word:

Importing your dream vehicle from Japanese car dealers shouldn’t be a hard task but one should be extra keen to ensure that they avoid these mistakes. With this taken care of, you can be rest assured to get your vehicle in a short time.

Please take some time to go through our listings page to check out some of the used mini trucks that we have. There are also some minivans in stock and we are certain you will find a good one. You can then get in touch with us to get more details on a particular vehicle that you would like to have imported.

How To Import A Mini Truck To New Zealand

Do you live in New Zealand and looking to start a business involving load hauling? If so, you must have some vehicle models flush across your mind. One thing that you should however consider is getting a mini truck such as a used Suzuki Carry or Daihatsu Hijet from Japan. Mini trucks have become so popular today, thanks to their affordability, flexibility and reliable services that they offer. Have you thought of importing a mini truck to New Zealand?

It could become a pain and somewhat complicated for anyone who hasn’t done it before to import a mini truck. There are some steps and requirements that are required and in this guide, we hope to shed some light to help you import that mini truck the hassle-free way.

Here Are Steps And Regulations For Importing To New Zealand

To safely and painlessly import your mini truck, it is important to follow each of these steps.

Knowing More On the Vehicle

Just looking at an image in a website listing isn’t enough to give you a clear sense of the mini truck that you are eyeing. You need to know more details to determine whether the vehicle is the right one to do the task that you are looking forward to use it for.

Among some of the things that you need to do your due diligence on includes knowing more about the vehicle body, specs, performance and its current condition. This is a very crucial step before you even think of buying it or shipping it.

Understanding The Shipping Process

Although it doesn’t always make any difference to know how your mini truck is loaded or offloaded, you might just want to know a thing or two about shipping just in case you need to track it. All used vehicles from Japan are exported to New Zealand through Japan’s main ports which includes Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka or Kobe and they are shipped to either Auckland, Dunedin, Napir,  Lyttleton, Welington or Tauranga. If you are going to use a local broker to help with shipping, you can get the vehicle though FOB terms which means you can pay for the vehicle only and then the rest of the freight charges can be cleared after the vehicle has been shipped.

Understanding The Age Requirements

Like most countries, there are age limits for every vehicle being imported to New Zealand and it is important to know this before you start the acquisition process. According to the New Zealand importation laws and as a way to cope up with the international emission regulations as of January 1st, 2012, a law was enacted to import vehicles manufactured no earlier than 2005. This law covers all vehicles including mini trucks and minivans. There is however an exception for vehicles that are on a “Special Interest” bracket.

On a marginal note, it is also important to ensure that the vehicle you are looking into meets the New Zealand emission standards. You may have to seek some help with determining whether a particular vehicle meets the emission standards.

We do thorough inspection and can ascertain the vehicles in our inventory meet these standards. There are also plenty of vehicles in our listings that meet the New Zealand age requirement. So you can check out one that meets your requirements.

Entry Certification

Before importing a particular vehicle, it is a requirement that one first file for an Entry requirement. This is a protocol required to import a vehicle from another country. Approval for an Entry gives one the green light to make the purchase and import the vehicle they need.

Most of the things that are required to get an Entry requirement is to get an inspection report to understand if the vehicle meets the standards and the emission standards.

Ensuring The Vehicle Is Road Worthy

blankWarranty Of Fitness is a section that every imported vehicle must go through to ensure that the vehicles are in good mechanical condition and aren’t rusty. This is however something that you shouldn’t worry about as we do check for this on all vehicles in our listing.

The vehicle should also be Right-Hand-Drive only. Apart from vehicles that are rated “special Interest” or vehicles for sporting and such activities, it is a requirement that every vehicle being imported meet this requirement.

Registering The Vehicle

This is also an important step that one needs to know about. After the shipping process is complete and when all the customs and taxes clearance has been made, registration is the next important step. It is however an important step that can be done easily. One will however need all the documentation pertaining the purchase and import of the vehicle.

Meeting The Health Standards Through Quarantine Service

New Zealand, like any other country has set up safety standards to ensure that every vehicle entering the country is safe from any biohazards. As such, all vehicles must pass through the Ministry Of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) for quarantine and screening purposes.


Mini trucks are one of the most invaluable vehicles for anyone who is venturing into local businesses that require carrying small to medium sized loads. With the fact that these mini trucks can maneuver through both remote off-roads and on roads, you can simply do any kind of business and haul anything. Whether you would like a vehicle to carry loads from your firm or need to start a construction business, mini trucks are something worth considering.

You can always check out our listings page to see if you can find a good mini truck that meets your specifications. The list is regularly updated depending on the mini trucks and mini vans being entered every day. We also inspect the vehicles before listing them. This way, we ensure that all the vehicles meet the required quality standards. You can always get in touch with us regarding anything about importing mini trucks from Japan to New Zealand. Our inventory features mini vans and mini trucks such as the Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Aty, Suzuki Mighty Boy among many others.

How to Buy Mini Trucks From Japan

An increasing number of people across the United States are realizing the boundless reasons to buy mini trucks from Japan. You can always get your mini truck from the dealer shop around you but that is only if you are going there with a sack of cash to spend. Many people are realizing that they could save a lot by importing the trucks by themselves, which in reality isn’t as lengthy process as many would think. It could however get hectic if one fails to follow the right procedure.

In this write-up, we will cover some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to buy mini trucks from Japan.

What You Need To Know Before Importing Your Mini Truck From Japan

You may have read or heard about stories of vehicles being seized and not ending up in the hands of the owners because of one reason or the other. You also don’t want a surprise charges that breaks that ends up blowing your initial budget. There are processes and expectations that a vehicle or an importer is expected to meet. Below is all you need to know before you even think about shopping for a mini truck from Japan:

The Process Of Importing To The U.S

For anything to be imported to the United States, one will have to file for a special requirement called an “Entry”. The entry is meant to notify the state that you are importing cargo from another county to the united states.

Under the Entry, one will also have to specify what the import item is, when it will be shipped in, where it is from and the particular place where it is headed to. After filling the Entry, it is then submitted to the CBP for analysis and approval is usually an easy process.

Usually, there are two kinds of Entries that one should fill depending on the cost of the vehicle being imported. If the cost of the vehicle excluding insurance is $2499.99 or less, then one will fill a normal entry. Otherwise, for any vehicle that is above this figure, there another special kind of Entry which demands more details.

Understanding The United States Import Laws

The U.S congress has passed laws that restrict the import of vehicles from other countries unless they meet the environmental safety standards. The standards are set under EPA (Environmental Protection Agency and DOT (Department Of Transport). This is the most common reason for vehicles been seized when they enter the United States. Thee is however an exception to this restriction where a vehicle that is 25 years old from the date of manufacture (classic vehicle) can be imported without any issues.

The imported vehicle also goes through customs where it is inspected for other things such as vehicle’s authenticity of the parts.

Understand the Terminologies

buy mini truck from JapanAnother thing that you don’t want to be caught up with and one that could end up blowing your budget if you are not keen with are the terminologies that are used in the vehicle import arena. Here are the terminologies that you should be conversant with:

Importer – This is the party that is responsible for shipping the vehicle, paying for customs and filling the Entry.

Consignee – This is you, the owner of the vehicle being imported.

Duties – This is the custom charges such as tax and is applicable to every vehicle that enters the United States.

Port of Entry– This is the port at which the imported vehicle is received into the United States.

Date of import – This refers to the time when the shipment arrives at the United States port.

Date of Entry – This is simply the date when you filed to get an entry for the vehicle being imported.

Date of export – This is when the vehicle left the country where it is imported from.

HTS Code – This stands for Harmonized Tariff Code and it is classification in which particular imports are put into since each import cluster attracts a certain duty charge. In order to know what duty charges your imported truck will attract, you should check the HTS code from hts.usitc.gov where you will also find the rates.
Importer Security Filings – ISF is a protocol that requires the importers of cargo that is filed under formal entries to submit all cargo and freight information to the CBP before the cargo arrives.

Custom bonds – These are formal entry bonds which are meant to act as insurance for the customs and that they will be paid for. This could be ISF (Importer Security Filing) bonds, DOT and Entry bonds.

Harbor Maintenance Fee – HMF as it is commonly known is a fee that is charged for the maintenance of the port. This is however dependent on the Port and not applicable to all ports. The fee is normally 0.125% of the import value.

Custom Ruling – Sometimes classifying a vehicle depending on its condition, or the condition of its parts doesn’t fit well in its rightful class. If one intends to use the vehicle for off-road purposes they still can since custom ruling will classify the vehicle under a dump class.

Merchandise Processing Fee – This is the processing fee that is charged on all imports whether under formal or informal entries. Formal entries attract higher charges where one is required to pay 0.3464% of the total cost of the imports. It is however capped at $485. Informal entries on the other end attracts a flat rate $2 for automated entries, $6 for manual entries and $9 when the entry is handled under the CBP.


If you want to buy mini trucks from Japan, it could turn out to be a hectic process if you don’t know most of the import procedures. Hopefully this guide has shed some light on how to go about buying your mini truck from Japan.

You can always have a look at our listings and you could surely find an affordable mini truck that suits your needs. Should you have any questions or need help knowing how your mini truck will be imported, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.