How To Replace A Fuel Jet in a Mini Truck

The love for Mini trucks keeps growing day in and day out. These small trucks are of Japanese origin. Japanese automakers like Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Daihatsu did market research and realized that trucks are in demand. Such companies sorted to make a truck that is affordable to most middle-class members of society. And this was the birth of mini trucks. Most of these trucks have less than 2000 cc engines. The popularity of Kei Trucks has raised several questions among the owners and those looking forward to owning it. Many ask how to perform basic and complex mechanical procedures for the Kei trucks. Let us look at how to replace a fuel jet in a mini truck.

The Fuel Jet

The fuel jet or fuel injector is a device that sprays fuel into the engine. It works the same way a hose pipe sprays water on farms. The injected or sprayed fuel mixes with oxygen in the engine and later burns to produce energy. The fuel jets are at the cylinder heads with the tips inside the cylinder. A damaged fuel jet pump can stop the engine because it will not receive adequate fuel to mix with air and burn.

Signs that your Fuel Jet is Bad

Here are some fo the things that would make you know that a fuel jet is bad in your Japanese mini truck.

-When you experience the engine check light on the dashboard, the ECU will send a signal to the dashboard when the fuel jet fails to perform its role.

-Whenever your engine backfires or takes time to accelerate. This happens when the engine is not getting adequate fuel to burn in the cylinders.

-When your engine produces an abnormal idling sound is a signal of a bad fuel jet.

How To Replace A Fuel Jet in a Mini Truck

Before replacing the fuel jet, bear at the back of your mind that you are dealing with fuel. Fire accidents might occur unexpectedly. Put on eye protection.

Release Pressure in the Fuel System

Make sure you perform the procedure that removes pressure from the entire fuel system. This will help to reduce accidents caused by fuel.

Remove the Fuel Rail

Do this if only your system has a fuel rail. Locate the fuel line, which is towards the rail’s end, and other lines. To remove the fuel line, remove the screws holding the lines in place. Doing this cuts the transmission of fuel to the fuel jets.

Disconnect the Fuel Jet

After the transmission of fuel is cut, removing the fuel jets becomes easier. Locate the wire on the fuel jet and remove it. A flat-mouthed screwdriver will help you to do this. Target the space between the plug and the spring, gently pull your screwdriver, and it will come out.

Pull the Fuel Jet

After removing everything, you are now remaining with the injector. The fuel jet is the most delicate part of the engine, and you must be cautious when handling it. Use a puller to remove the fuel jet gently.


Safety should be the priority when handling fuel jets. Failure might cause physical injury. The engine cylinder is very delicate. When replacing the fuel jet, ensure no debris contaminates it.

Maintenance Tips For Your Mini Truck

So you’ve got your mini truck and got your business rolling, but you don’t have a clue on any maintenance beyond changing oil? Like any other vehicle out there, your mini truck deserves some servicing to keep it in good shape and guarantee good performance. You also don’t want to be getting on the other side of the law for an un-roadworthy mini truck, so it is better to keep everything in check.

Below are some of the most important routine maintenance tips to ensure that your mini truck performance is good and you are also maintaining a roadworthy vehicle.

Protect Your Mini Truck Against Rust

Besides the outside appearance, there are many reasons why you’d want to keep your mini truck free from rust. First up, rust increases the chances of wear and tear of your car body parts and sooner you’ll be looking for a new body to replace.

Depending on the environmental condition and the season, your mini truck could be exposed to more risks of getting rust. If for instance you live in a cold and wet area that is wet, you are likely to experience rust on your truck if you don’t take the necessary measures.

The best way to get rid of rust is to do regular cleaning and ensure that your vehicle is well painted. You should also ensure to keep an eye under the body where most parts are exposed to water and mud.

Ensure The Tires Maintain Good Traction

How good are the tires of your mini truck and how should they be? Most of us forget that tires have a role to play and could directly impact the efficiency of your mini truck.

Slippery conditions especially when hauling heavy loads could be disastrous and sometimes even life threatening. With time your mini truck’s tire treads starts to wear out reducing the grip of the vehicle. Many experts will advise you to change you truck tires after every year or so. Apparently, this is something that doesn’t apply in all situations.

The wearing of car tires depends on a number of factors including the usability, the tire maker among other factors. You will need to keep an eye on the treads and ensure that they are fairly used and can still take a grip. If the tread depth goes below 3/16, then you should consider changing the tires since the grip is declining. You should also watch out for cracks on each tire and some other issues such as sidewall bulges.

Maintain Good Wiring System Of Your Mini Truck

A truck without proper wiring is as good as dead and you will need to commit yourself to maintain it if you expect it to serve you for a longer period. Wiring and electrical maintenance could however be a complicated process if you have no clue about it. It is thus important to seek the help of an expert in the field to help do regular fixing and wiring. Some of the things that needs close attention when it comes to wiring include the mini truck’s air conditioning, lighting system as well as the ignition system.

If you are not planning on pushing your mini truck downhill because you can’t get it to start, then you should make sure that you do regular wiring maintenance.

Check On Your Battery Regularly

How often do you change your mini truck’s battery? This is a common question among many vehicle owners and something that is important.

If you have had a car before, then you already know that checking the battery condition and changing the battery acid is something that needs to be done regularly.

The battery terminals ends also need to be cleaned and if need be one should add distilled water. This should ensure that the battery holds proper charge and lasts longer. A battery should also be replaced after about 5 years to increase its efficiency.

Engine and Transmission Maintenance

blankYet another maintenance that many people ignore is to check out the engine and the transmission. Does your mini truck transmission feel different like it used to be? It is normal to experience such as time goes and the clutch may start getting harder to shift. Slipping is yet another problem that you might experience due to a worn out clutch and this is something that needs to be addresses to maintain high performance of your mini truck.

Seeking the help of an expert mechanic is crucial in getting things done here. Misalignment and pressure plate issues should also be taken care of. You need to pinpoint the problem or make any fixes in the transmission system. Your mini truck performance depends on the engine and the gear box.

Maintaining Screen Visibility

The windshield and the blades in your vehicle are important not only for the mini truck’s safety but also to meet the road safety requirements. The windshield wipers should be replaced in case there are scratches or cracks and the blade’s rubber pads should also be checked regularly. It is advisable to buy the whole blade pack to save. You should also remember to use windshield washer fluid.

Final Word:

Just like any other vehicle, trucks need to be services and parts changed so that they can maintain a high performance and stay roadworthy. While maintenance will depend on the different type of mini truck that one has, all of them need to be well maintained. Hopefully this maintenance guide has been helpful in giving you an overview of what you should expect doing maintenance.

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