Considerations When Choosing Suzuki Mini Truck Parts

Most mini truck parts are exposed to wearing and tearing as you use the vehicle. If they start to wear out, the engine power and the Suzuki mini truck’s performance will decrease. You will be compelled to replace the worn-out parts. Buying parts for a Suzuki mini truck is challenging because of the existence of fake parts as well as shrewd car parts dealers. This article illustrates and explains the considerations when choosing Suzuki mini truck parts easily.

Considerations When Choosing Suzuki Mini Truck Parts

Do a Little Bit of Market Research

You have to do a lot of homework and research when you want to buy spare parts for your vehicle; it is not like walking into a shopping mall and buying that shirt or pants which fit you. Doing research will help you to know the market price and avoid being overcharged by shrewd dealers, and it will also help you to buy a particular spare part. Choosing the exact size of the part you want isn’t easy. Some spare parts are very similar but have slight differences which you might not notice, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Before buying any spare part, you must know the part number because it determines its size. 

As your Suzuki mini truck is serving you, make some effort to know some of its parts and functions. The basic knowledge of the spare parts will help you when shopping and save you from lies that dealers will use to convince you. 

Some online sellers like E-bay might sell spare parts cheaply. Consider buying from them if you have a good online shopping experience, so you do not get confused. 

Shop from a Genuine Part Dealer

Counterfeit or fake products have flooded the motor vehicle industry. When buying spare parts, be cautious about this. Counterfeits might be cheap but expensive in the long run, and they might cause major problems to other parts of your mini truck.

When buying spare parts from any local dealer, ensure they are genuine. How do you do this? Consider the dealer’s reputation and how long they have been in the business. Various brands authorize some dealers to sell their spare parts. Consider buying from such dealers.

Consider Importing Spare Parts Yourself

Most people make the importation sound cumbersome and costly, but importing the spare parts on your own is more economical. Local dealers import the spare parts. They are on business, so they aim to make a profit. When you buy spare parts from local dealers, you will pay the actual price, shipping, and tax fees and give them their profit. Importing spare parts on your own is cheaper than relying on a dealer to import for you.


Maintaining Suzuki mini truck will prolong the lifespan of most of its parts. It reaches a time when they are worn out, and servicing might become expensive since you will do it more regularly. If they become old, replacement is the best option.

Importing A Truck Engine To The US – Crucial Things To Know

Did you know that you can replace the engine of your truck? Several reasons can make you do this. If your engine is old and cannot function normally, your mechanic will advise you to buy a new one. When your engine is damaged beyond repair, replacing it is an option or if you require an engine with more torque and horsepower. Various dealers sell new sets of engines. Occasionally, you might need to import an engine. In the case of importation, sourcing an engine from the dealer is cheap compared to dealing with intermediaries. Importing a truck engine to the United States is not hectic if you conform to the procedures.

First-time importers need to know and understand the Environmental protection Agency (EPA) and Independent Commercial Importer(ICI).

Roles of EPA and ICI in Importing A Truck Engine 

EPA is an independent agency mandated to protect the environment. In playing its role of protecting the environment, EPA has rules and regulations regarding the importation of vehicle engines. The body does not allow the importation of engines that do not meet its requirements to the United States.

Under EPA regulations, you can import a non-conforming engine if;

They are modified, and the Independent Commercial Importer (ICI)  has tested and certified them to be standard. EPA mandates the U.S. Customs to import non – conforming vehicles for particular purposes such as testing, display, or racing.

Before you import a truck engine to the united states, organize with the ICI for modification, testing, and certification of the engine and obtain EPA approval for non-conforming engine importation. Doing these will allow you to clear your engine at the port when it arrives.

Under EPA’s regulations, the engine you are importing must be similar to your truck’s current engine. That is, the configuration and the model of the new engine should match the old one.

You must complete the EPA form 3520-1 when planning to import an engine. Upon duly filling this form, you can submit it electronically, or it can accompany your goods. It applies to all types of engines, from motorcycles to heavy commercial engines.

In case the engine you intend to import does not meet the U.S emission standards, you will seek the services of an Independent Commercial Importer. ICI is a body certified by EPA to legally import vehicles and other spare parts such the engines into the United States. Before importing, ICI will ensure the engine meets the EPA’s requirements.

Hardship Exemption for Non-U.S. Version Engines

EPA gives special consideration to the engines imported to the U.S under extraordinary circumstances or extreme hardships. For example, if the importer has physical or mental disabilities. Or if the importer is an armed forces officer working in the U.S. security department.


Importing a truck engine to the United States is easy if you only conform to the rules and regulations. Failure to observe even a single law might lead to confiscation of your engine. If you are importing an engine for the first time, consider doing thorough research so that you don’t blame yourself when the authorities confiscate your engine.

Buying Spare Parts For Your Mini Truck – A Comprehensive Guide

Like any other car, different parts of your mini truck will start getting worn out and experience breakage as time goes. This will lower the quality and performance that your mini truck is giving you. How one goes about fixing it is by replacing the spare parts for mini trucks? It can however get complicated when you have no clue about how to get the spare parts. Most people end up dealing with their local spare part dealers which could be an ideal option but could be costly. You need to weight in things like costs and make sure that you are not being exploited.

In this guide, we hope to shine some light on how to go about acquiring mini truck spare parts without any hassles.  Below are the steps and what to look out for;

Do Your Homework

There is a lot to do and buying spare parts isn’t as easy as going to a mall and picking a pair of shoes that fits you. Without doing your research, you could end up paying a lot for something that would have gone for half the price. Apart from doing research to establish the real price tag of a spare part, you should also ensure that you are acquiring a precise spare part. Choosing the right spare part could sometimes be a big pain as some parts are similar but vary in sizes. Ensuring that you are querying the right spare part and quoting the same part number is something that you need to be sure about.

It is also recommended that as you continue using your mini truck, you should learn a thing or two about some parts and their normal functionality. It makes it easy when shopping for spare parts and you won’t get carried away by some cheap cooked-tales that your junkyard will try to sell you.

You should also pay attention to online marketplaces like Ebay where there are auctions of which you can find your spare parts. This is however an option for people who have experience in buying online as the marketplace could be confusing if you are not familiar with it.

Ensure You Are Dealing With a Genuine Part Dealer

You don’t want to make errors that will lead you to getting counterfeit spare parts or one that won’t last you long enough. With counterfeit products being in almost every industry, it is also important to know that in demand spare parts also flood the market making it hard to differentiate genuine ones from counterfeits.

If for instance you decide to acquire a spare part from a local spare part shop, you need to do some due diligence to ascertain whether the parts are genuine. The first step is to ensure that the dealer you are getting it from are genuine and have been in the business for a reasonable period. There are some accredited dealers who are authorized by different brands to sell spare parts and buying your spares from such dealers would be a great option.

Also you need to beware of cheap spare parts that you will come across while shopping. Some of these spare parts could have already become worn out and they have just undergone some upgrading or repairs and found their way to the market. Again, your experience with can spares and functionality could come in handy with this since you can easily spot the difference in these spares.

Think About Importing The Spare Parts Yourself

blankHave you ever thought of importing spare parts by yourself? Besides the genuine factor, you will also realize that it gets affordable and way easier than what many people make the importation process sound. Your local spare part dealer gets the spare parts by importing them and their intention is to make a profit out of it. That profit could be a pain to you as the end user of the spare parts. But why not import them by yourself? Most people have the notion that importing spare parts or mini trucks is a complicated process. With a couple of legal paper work and a few days to wait, you could soon be rolling with your mini truck that rides as a new one. It could take some time to get your spares depending on where you are getting them from but if they are genuine, they are worth the wait.

Most individuals who have imported their own spare parts know that it involves some easy steps and the whole process becomes way affordable than buying from the local dealer.

Also, if you are dealing with some rare mini truck parts, it is important to handle this in person as one is easy to come across counterfeits. Rare parts might not be available in your local spare part dealer, but this does not mean that your mini truck will never move. You can always import these spare parts easily from leading exporters. You can get in touch with us regarding imports of spare parts for mini trucks.

In all honesty, your local dealer should be your last resort as there are way many ideal options that are worth exploring in your search for your mini truck spare parts.


Parts of the vehicle wearing out causing breakdowns are something that every mini truck owner will experience as they run their regular errands. Although regular maintenance can help prolong the life of these spare parts, here reaches a time when replacing them is the only option available. Being extra cautions is however important to ensure that you are getting genuine spare parts at the best rate. Hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision when you are shopping for your mini truck spare parts.

You can however choose to get in touch with us regarding any spare part that you may be in need of. Being in the industry for years, we have served many people and our inventory is growing day by day.

We serve customers all over the world, so regardless of where you are, you can always reach out to us and query about any mini truck or minivan spare parts.