Do I Get an SUV or Truck for Winter?

Winter is challenging weather, with freezing temperatures, snow, and icy roads, but we must continue our daily activities as usual. We must make various adjustments as winter approaches to survive the coming harsh conditions. You will have to prepare your vehicle to combat the forthcoming extreme conditions. You might purchase a new unit, upgrade, or downgrade the ones you have. During winter, many people prefer to use either an SUV or a truck. SUVs and trucks can quickly move on snow and ice covering the roads. Such vehicles are either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, plus they have tires that offer them the best grip on slippery roads. Which one is better? Should I get an SUV or truck for winter?

Should You Get an SUV or Truck for Winter?

Here are some of the advanatages of gettign trucks over SUV for Winter and snowy areas.

Trucks will Carry Heavier Loads as Compared to SUVs

Trucks have more torque and the capability of towing heavier loads in winter. If the work you do has a lot of pulling, winter weather should not stop you from working, and you should choose a vehicle with the ability to tow heavy loads on roads full of snow and ice.  

A truck will always submit, take the additional weight and tow it with a lot of ease, but an SUV might find it challenging to pull an extra weight on a road full of snow and ice. 

Visibility of Trucks is Top Notch

Driving in snow is hectic, and it requires proper road visibility. Visibility is a combination of the driving height and the glass in the cabin. Trucks have massive glass windows behind them. The glass window behind the trucks makes it easier to see traffic from behind in winter weather; this boosts the safety of truck drivers on the road during winter because they can see what is happening behind and in front. For SUVs, the behind window is not that extreme. Being three steps away from any nearby vehicle when driving in snow is advisable. You will have adequate space for action and reaction. 

Trucks have Better Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the space between your truck and the ground. In trucks, this space is ample as compared to SUVs. The ground clearance will determine whether you will quickly drive through the snow or get stuck. Why? Vehicles usually sink in the snow, so if you have a raised truck, it will drop, but its belly will not get stuck in the snow, compared to relatively low SUVs.

Trucks are Heavier than SUVs

Weight comes in handy during winter, snow is slippery, and vehicles are likely to slide when in motion. Trucks are heavy, and thus more force pushes them to the ground, minimizing the rate at which they slide on ice because the weight offers them the best grip. 


Driving during winter might be a headache, and it is better to use a truck when winter comes. Trucks have a better performance as compared to SUVs. Better performance boosts your safety and the safety of other road users.