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Youtube Channels

Do we have any YouTube channel for kei trucks?

There are many YouTube channels which have very good content regarding kei minitrucks. Right from buying or owning or importing a minitruck to procedures for legalizing for on road drives and even DIY complete maintenance. You name it, YouTube has it. Living this Life is one such channel which deals with minitruck test drives and which can give extremely beneficial information regarding the vehicles.

"Living this life" is one such Youtube channel dedicated to Kei trucks.  Kei truck enthusiasts should watch this channel.

Mighty Car Mods is a good channel to catch some cool ideas and some modified Kei trucks. Check it out you would love them.

I have seen few kei truck videos on Cars and Camera YouTube channel. It was fun and quite interesting.

There are plenty of YouTube channels for kei trucks some of which I find very useful and informative, there should be more channels to help people on these things.