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The All Electric Autonomous Work Vehicle

With Tesla and other major players introducing driverless electric vehicles fully controlled by computers, It was just a matter of time that this latest technology will find its place in the minitruck segment. As many may be aware, Honda has prototyped a cab-less, electric autonomous version called the AWV or the Autonomous Work Vehicle and has partnered with engineering and construction firm Black & Veatch to put a fleet of AWVs onsite at a 1,000-acre solar installation in New Mexico so that the vehicle can fine tuned and tested specifically for US environment. Technical team were trained to use tablets to program the AWV's routes on a map, and also to pilot them via remote control for delicate maneuvers. AWVs successfully ferried materials and water for the crew to various points on the job site. These AWVs are designed to haul 880 pounds and can tow 1,600 pounds. It has a turning radius of less than 13 feet and a range of up to nearly 28 miles per charge. I am sure we will see a lot of these AWVs in areas where automation is necessary.

The all-electric vehicle employs a suite of sensors to operate autonomously, using GPS for location; radar and LIDAR for obstacle detection; and, stereoscopic (3D) cameras for remote monitoring. It can also be operated by remote control.