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Subaru Sambar


Legal Subaru Sambar SDX  is a good workhorse. It comes with 4WD, 5 Speed Transmission 3 Cylinder Gas 660cc engine, and has good rear for good weight distribution. 5 Speed Transmission with a Low gear locking front diff, 4WD can be turned on with the push of a button in the center of the shifter. It's a good choice if you are living in a hilly region,  4WD would be really helpful in hilly terrain.

Japanese trucks have been great for business. Fuel savings have also been a great benefit.

Subaru Sambar is a combination of two characteristics, a small but spacious micro van and a small but mighty Kei truck. This combination is one of the reasons of popularity

To add to the above write-ups, few interesting information on Subaru Sambar: the latest and the eighth generation Sambar Truck was introduced in Japan in the year 2014 as a rebadged tenth generation Daihatsu Hijet Truck and the eighth generation Sambar Van was introduced in Japan in January 2022 as a rebadged eleventh generation Daihatsu Hijet Cargo, which is built on the DNGA platform. The Dias Wagon passenger van was renamed to Sambar Dias.