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speed limiter removal

I just purchased a 2022 Daihatsu hijet came with a speed limiter set to 25 mph....(N-EC model  NXS-3).....cannot figure out how to program it for a higher mph/remove it/disable it.  Contacted the dealer who: 1.  Did not know what to do and  2. Said it was illegal for them to remove it even if he did know how.  He said he read on a forum to "cut the yellow wire"....seems a bit simplistic.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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Did you ever get it figured out.  I just bought a 2022 hijet with same issue.

Yes, was as simple as cutting the yellow wire.  That wire, I  think goes from limiter to the speedometer.  So the limiter registers always 0 mph.  I  cut a year ago and no issues.   If for some reason yours is different and doesn't work...just splice yellow wire back together.