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Registering in Delaware

Anyone in Delaware have experience or knowledge of registering in the state?

Not sure about the registration but I am sure that all mini trucks are legal on both streets and highways in Delaware.

Minitrucks with speed limiters not exceeding 25 mph can be registered in the category of low speed vehicles in Delaware. It must be titled, registered and insured prior to operating on Delaware roadways. The vehicles shall be issued a standard sized numbered license plate that must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. You must have a manufacturer’s statement of origin/certificate of origin for the vehicle. The document must state the vehicle is a low speed vehicle. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be verified by a Division inspection technician who will also ensure the vehicle meets all federal equipment standards. Valid proof of Delaware insurance must be provided at the time of titling. Title work can be processed at any DMV facility. Authorized dealers should perform the VIN verification and complete the MV212 form. Dealers shall be required to complete an MV2009 (Inspection Form) on the vehicle, which must be provided prior to titling the vehicle.

Here all minitrucks are legal in streets and highways.

Most probably formalities would be the same and luckily they don't have any restrictions.

Delaware, I believe is one exception where they actually give credit to the importance of minitruck. Luckily not much of a restrictions as compared to other states in US. I do hope this workhorse gets its due credit in all the states and rules are formed uniformly to avoid confusion.

I've owned Daihatsu I would like you share with you that you could not register them for the street in the states.

Delaware regulation permits non-occupants to enrol a vehicle in Delaware in the event that they meet specific circumstances.