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Order from

Is it worthwhile to order components from I was wondering if anyone here have already ordered from usminitrucks, if yes, how was you experience with these guys?

thanks in advance.

My cousin had done a transaction with them and he was all praise for their professionalism.  I believe their after sales support is also good.

I was on a look out for a Subaru Sambar, Japanese kei for sometime and stumbled on one at the US Mini trucks website. Immediately I gave them a call and worked out a deal. Truck was in excellent shape and was delivered to me within a few hours. They really know their job and are very helpful. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a truck.

They are very professional and they gave me a good suggestion.  They asked about the load I carry and the distance I travel and then they suggested Me a Subaru Sambar. They said this vehicle would be a good choice for my work and after using this, I also came to the same conclusion.

They are very professional and their response time is highly appreciable.

Most of the reviews are positive, so I think it should work fine.