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Looking to buy from Substar

Hello, I am looking to buy from Substar but whenever I click "Send" on "Enquire about this vehicle" the button does nothing and my request doesn't get sent.
My main question for them is: I was wondering if you could ship to Anchorage Alaska. My biggest issue is I cant find anyone to ship it to Alaska. I know there is a ship that goes from Washington to Alaska but I cant schedule that coordination myself as I wont be in Washington to move the truck off of the ship to Washington then onto the ship that leaves to Alaska. Is there any way Substar can help me coordinate a shipment to Alaska?

It is possible to ship the truck from Japan to Tacoma, WA and from there it can be forwarded to Alaska.

A freight forwarder can handle this for you.

As for the trucks, Substar INC has currently suspended its truck sales. We do provide freight forwarder services between Japan and US.