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How to select a reliable Japanese minitruck for yourself.

Basically, to determine which minitruck model is best for you simply depends on your needs and expectations. You shouldn't really worry about buying a used minitruck for your own use from any one of the leading Japanese manufacturers which sells these as they are quite reliable. Minitrucks from Suzuki, Mitsubishi, daihatsu, and Subaru are better and will serve you well. Honda trucks are another option for buying. If you’re considering buying one, you have to make sure availability of spare parts before making your choice. All of these mini trucks will need normal maintenance which includes brakes, tires, batteries and if you do your oil changes on time and replace ageing parts, your mini truck can last a very long time.

We have a wide range of mini trucks. So it totally depends on the needs and there are minivans for family trips and personal use as well.

Affordability and Budget, performance of the trucks will be the major things that I would keep in mind before selecting.

My selection would be based on the performance, reliability, affordability and of course availability of spare parts. Japanese minitrucks are very reliable if maintained properly. So going into the history of ownership and maintenance records will go a long way in helping me decide on which minitruck to buy. My first choice will of course be Suzuki Carry.