How To Import Suzuki Carry 4×4 Mini truck To Australia From Japan

Mini trucks are the rave of transport these days and Suzuki Carry is just one of the awesome models that you can get from the market today. You can get these mini trucks from your local dealer or opt to make the import yourself. Even though acquiring from your local dealer could ease the import load on your end, there are many advantages that come with importing your mini truck from Japan.

Think it’s hard to import the mini truck on your own? It is not as hard as many people are made to believe. In this guide, we will go through the steps of importing Suzuki Carry mini truck from Japan to Australia without making it a hassle for you. However, before delving into that, here are some of the things that make the Suzuki Carry a lovable mini truck.

Importance of getting a Suzuki Carry mini truck:

Multipurpose Utility mini truck – A Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck is a top notch all-weather road vehicle that can be used to haul almost anything as long as it is within its carrying capacity.

Affordable – The best way to get your mini truck at an affordable price is to cut down the middleman and your local dealer. And that is by importing it by yourself. It could take some weeks to get your vehicle depending on your location, but it is worthy.

Reliable- Beyond being a hard bodied mini truck, its performance is also stunning.This is the kind of vehicle that will amaze you hauling loads maneuvering paths that many vehicles cannot dare.

Efficient– We all love vehicles that don’t guzzle gallons of fuel over a short distance. This is among Suzuki Carry’s selling point. You will also love it’s low maintenance demands.

How To Import The Mini Truck From Japan To Australia

Here are some quick simplified steps for importing your Suzuki Mini truck from Japan to Australia. It will also involve some Australian authorities which one should know before importing their mini truck.

Step 1 – Research

To make the whole import process an easy one, you need to do your own basic research so that you can know what to expect. To give you a quick overview, here are things that you will be finding out;

-You need to determine whether the vehicle that you want to import meets the Australian standards and requirements.

-You need to know the different documents that you need to import and also know the agencies involved in the importation process.

-Should you use a broker to import? This is a good option if you would like everything to be taken care for you. But make sure they have been doing this for a long time to avoid them exploiting you.

What is the timeframe and when to expect you vehicle?

 Step 2 – Applying For Vehicle Import

The next step is to apply for the vehicle to be imported. The good thing with this step is that you can do the whole process online. This is done through the department of Infrastructure and there is a $50 fee required for the vehicle import application.

Step 3 – Receiving the Vehicle Import Approval

Next, you will be receiving the approval of your vehicle import application. This should be coming in through your email and normally contains the information on the requirements and the conditions in which the vehicle should be used.

Step 4 – Organize For The Mini Truck To Be Shipped

The mini truck is usually steam cleaned and sometimes if need be, the air conditioning is removed. This is part of the import-export protocol to ensure that the vehicles exported do not carry any contamination and such.

Step 5 – Get Custom Clearance

As part of the import process you need to lodge custom declaration where one is required to pay custom duty, tax import duty and Goods and Service Tax (GST).

Step 6 – Get Australian Quarantine Approval

To ensure safety and transmission control, it is required that everything that is imported be inspected and meet the set standards. Under this step, you should arrange for an inspection appointment with the Department of Agriculture.

Step 7 – Ensure That You meet The Import Approval Conditions

The vehicle should be fully compliant with as per the Australian requirements. Testing should be done and you will then be required to submit for plate approval. If there are any other modifications that you need on the vehicle, this is also where you submit them for approval.

Step 8 – Registering The Mini Truck

Once all that is done, your final step is to get the vehicle registered. This should be done through the State Road and Transport Authority.

Once this is done, you are ready to get your Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck on the road and start hauling your loads.

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Hopefully this guide has given a complete guide to help anyone who is thinking of importing their Suzuki Mini truck an idea of what to expect. The process is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few days overall. With this, you are cutting the middle man and the dealer who can take advantage.

You can always check out our updated listing which has tons of Suzuki Carry mini trucks and many other models as well. Should you have any questions on how to import or need more info on a vehicle in our listing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.